Salineville Police Reports for 4-29

On April 1 police received a call in regard to a stolen dog. Police responded to the reportee’s East Main Street home and spoke with her about the dog’s disappearance. She told officers the dog had been tied to the porch of her home with a new length of extra thick chain because the dog had run away in the past. The woman said she had left for the store earlier that day and returned several hours later to find the dog and the new chain gone. The woman reported that a neighbor had previously told her that if the dog comes on her property it would be poisoned. The officer searched for the dog but could not located it.

On April 4 police received a call regarding two males at a Water Street residence looking for a individual who is a friend of the resident. The resident informed the two males that the individual they were seeking was not there. The men then asked if they could come inside and take a look for themselves. The resident told them they could not come inside at which point they said they would return and force themselves inside later that day. Officers parked nearby the residence in an attempt to make contact with the male subjects if they returned. The men did not return that evening.

On April 5, while conducting a traffic stop on the corner of Commerce Street and East Washington an officer discovered the police department’s light fixture cover, which is supposed to be mounted on the front of the department’s building, laying on the ground broken into two pieces. It was appeared that the light cover was deliberately taken from the front of the building and smashed along the road. The cover was retrieved and a report was filed.

On April 8 police received a call about a theft at the Dollar General on West Main. Police spoke to a store employee who advised that her husband was waiting to pick her up after work when he observed a heavy-set woman driving a maroon Pontiac Grand Am steal a bag of ice from an outside ice machine. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

On April 8 an Academy Street woman called police alleging that she had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. She claimed that while at Kiwanis Park with another male she had been called over to a vehicle driven by her ex-boyfriend. As she walked away from the vehicle she claimed that he attempted to pull her into the vehicle and raised his fist as if to strike her. She told officers she struck him several times in the face and poured soda on him. Officers attempted to contact the ex-boyfriend several times but were unsuccessful. Officers interviewed several witnesses to the incident at the park, all of whom stated they saw the female strike the male driving the vehicle several times and pour soda on him, but did not see the male strike her. Police later made contact with the ex-boyfriend and advised him to have no further contact with the female. No charges were filed against either.

In the morning hours of April 9 officers were called to a West Main Street residence for a domestic violence call regarding a man with a knife. Upon arrival police were approached by a man with knife, later identified as Terry Ballard. Ballard was ordered to stop and complied. Police took him into custody and took statements from witnesses who alleged that Ballard had gone after people with a knife. Ballard later admitted to police that he had gone after people with a knife. Police documented damage to the interior and exterior of the house as well as car window damaged by Ballard. He was charged with menacing and domestic violence and transported to the county jail.