Lisbon Police Reports for 4-23

Police were called to the Allay Care Center on March 29 in regard to an elderly male patient biting nurses and urinating everywhere, and the ambulance crew called to transport him to the hospital also requested assistance. The man had calmed down by the time police arrived and he agreed to go with the ambulance crew.

An officer assisted a sheriff’s deputy in attempting to serve an arrest warrant on Pritchard Avenue Extension on March 29. They arrived at 8 p.m. but only found the person’s daughter at home.

Paul Preston reported that a mother was looking for her 2-year-old child who was missing in the area of East Chestnut and Vine streets at 8:33 a.m. Thursday. The mother, Christy Armstrong, had found the boy by the time police arrived and he was in the neighbor’s yard playing with toys. Armstrong said she left the child on the couch to watch TV with another person while she took a shower, and when she came down he was gone and the door was open.

Police found clothes discarded on West Lincoln Way at 11:33 p.m. Friday, which they removed from the roadway. The officers then encountered Robert J. Davis III, 28, walking from the Night Court and asked him if he knew anything about the clothes and if he lived in front of where they were found. Davis reportedly began waving his arms and yelling at the officers and shouting obscenities, telling the officers to take him to jail because he had no where to live and at least he could get fed there. Police obliged and arrested Davis for disorderly conduct after he refused to calm down despite being told to do so.

Dan Lucido called from the post office, asking to speak with an officer at 12:17 p.m. Saturday. Lucido said he just left the American Boarding Home, where he resides, and was not feeling well. An ambulance was summoned to transport him to the hospital in Salem.