East Liverpool Police Reports for 4-9

A manager at the Dairy Queen on West Eighth Street complained of a case of suspected child abuse in which a woman hit a child, knocking him to the floor. The surveillance video was viewed by an officer, who reported the child was warned by the woman repeatedly to stop touching an Easter basket on the counter. The woman swatted the child’s arm, causing him to fall, and the woman helped him up, according to reports which noted the child was not crying or visibly upset, nor did any other customers express alarm at what had occurred. When the officer deemed no abuse occurred, the manager was not satisfied, so the officer had his superior officers view the tape, and it was determined no abuse took place, according to reports.

Officers were called to Orchard Grove for a woman attempting suicide with a knife, but she had fled into the woods prior to their arrival and could not be located. A few hours later, they were called to a Dodge Street home, where the woman was “freaking out,” according to reports. Officers had to handcuff her after she became abusive, striking on officer in the face as she flailed her arms about. Her boyfriend provided officers a box containing drug paraphernalia commonly used for heroin and crack cocaine, saying she had had the box on her lap prior to their arrival. She was transported to the emergency room, with possible charges pending.

Debra K. Lockwood, Wilbert Avenue, reported she walked next door to a neighbors and returned to find her apartment had been entered. Missing were a cell phone, lighters and a cigarette rolling machine. She called her phone and a man answered, saying he found it on the stairs and would return it when he was done with it, according to reports.

Diana Badger, address not listed, reported receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, advising more information was needed to process her income tax return. She determined a California woman with whom she had once lived had used her personal information to file the return.

David Lucas, Oak Street, reported the theft of an Ibanez guitar, possibly by a person he knows, who Lucas was told pawned the guitar in Chester, W.Va.

Kimberly Sarkozy, Haywood Street, was transported to the emergency room by ambulance for minor cuts to her finger after she reported her boyfriend had bitten them during an argument. She declined to file charges against her boyfriend. Both were under the influence of alcohol, according to officers.

Mary Young, Riley Avenue, reported her husband and a man they know were in an argument and the man threw a rock through the passenger window of their vehicle. She was advised to see the law director about filing charges.

A woman known by Scott O. Freeman, Moore Street, reportedly was at his home, asking to borrow money, which he denied. When Freeman went to the bathroom, the woman took $80 and left. He was advised to contact the law director if he wants to file charges.

Alice Siebert, Maine Boulevard, reported hearing a single shot fired and feeling a bullet whiz past her head while she was walking her dog outside. Siebert told police she heard more than one person running through the woods. Officers reported there were no other reports of shots fired in the area.

Sonya Shasteen, no age or address listed, reported her ex-boyfriend broke the gas cap lock on her vehicle. She said he repeatedly harasses her, despite an active protection order against him. Shasteen was advised to see the law director to file charges.