East Liverpool Police Reports for 4-10

An officer sitting stationary in the parking lot of Woodland Hills reported seeing a vehicle pull in and hearing a loud stereo, with the bass thumping. The driver, Charles J. Rogan II, 20, Ellwood City, Pa., told the officer he was just visiting friends. He was cited for disturbances enumerated for the loud stereo.

While on patrol in the East End at 1:04 a.m. Wednesday, an officer noticed a vehicle turning onto Pennsylvania Avenue without using a turn signal. The license plate returned to a registered owner who had outstanding warrants. The driver, Shawn Jacob, 31, Richardson Avenue, was taken into custody on the outstanding warrant, and when he was searched, officers reported finding a crack pipe in his pants pocket. The front seat passenger, was asked to exit the vehicle, and officers reported she had been sitting on a pill bottle containing several different types of pills. Jacobs reportedly said the bottle belonged to his roommate. While taking an inventory of the vehicle, officers reported finding a plastic bag containing Chore Boy in the glove compartment, noting it is commonly used in crack pipes. Jacob was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and released to county deputies to be served with his other warrants.