East Liverpool Police for 4-1

Carol Walton, no age or address listed, reported she was in the upper high school parking lot when a dark-colored SUV struck her, knocking her to the ground. A heavy-set woman with blondish-brown hair exited the vehicle, told Walton she hadn’t seen her then got back into the vehicle and left unidentified. There was no report of injuries or medical treatment.

Patricia Hissom, no address listed, reported an unauthorized charge on her bank account for $79.

Trudy Wallace, Ephraim Street, reported her son stole her iPad and pawned it in West Virginia. She told officers he is supposed to return it, but if he does not, she wants to file charges.

Patricia Flaherty, Trentvale Street, reported Kelly Boyer came to her house and started hitting the windshield of her vehicle, breaking it. When Flaherty’s son intervened, she said, Boyer struck him with a pipe. Boyer told officers that Flaherty came to her house and threatened her and she did not know how Flaherty’s window got broken. They were advised to stay away from each other and to contact the law director if they wished to file charges.

Officers were called to North Shady Lane for a domestic and were told by Mindy Connor there was no violence but a man was screaming at her and, when she went to call police, he disconnected her television and took it. She just wanted a report on file.