Columbiana County Sheriff Reports for 4-18

A deputy was called to Southern Local High School at noon Monday in regard to a 14-year-old boy suspected of having marijuana. Principal Dallas Saunders told the student to empty his cargo pants pockets and a plastic bag containing marijuana was removed, which is when his parents were contacted. The boy said two people he knows came to his home last Friday with what he called a “brick of marijuana, about the size of two handfuls,” and gave him a little. The boy said the one also asked him to keep the marijuana because the police were looking for him. The boy said he took the small amount of marijuana given to him to school to return it. He was suspended from school for 10 days.

Blaine Perry, Commerce Street, Wellsville, reported his car was stolen Monday from the parking lot where he works on Fife Coal Road, Yellow Creek Township. Perry said a co-worker told him he saw two men pull up in a blue van, one get out and into his Sunbird and drive away. The witness could not identify the driver but was able to identify the passenger in the van as Sammie Powells. Perry said the title was stolen from the glove compartment the week before, and all of this occurred after someone Perry knows agreed to purchase the car but could not come up with the money.

Susan Belanger, Campbell Road, Hanoverton, reported Monday the neighbor children are coming onto her property to swim in her pond. Belanger spoke with their mother but her children returned the next day, and she is afraid they will get hurt. Belanger has posted no trespassing signs but they have been torn down. The deputy intends to speak with the neighbor.

Dorothy Nezbeth, Stanley Drive, Beloit, reported Monday receiving harassing calls and she wanted the deputy to make them stop. The deputy called the number and spoke with Mike Wilkinson, who said he was not the one making the calls but would check with his family.

Ricky Dailey, Taylor Road, Negley, reported the neighbors were trespassing on their property at 6:35 p.m. Sunday. He said the neighbor and his wife were riding horses across the property and when Dailey confronted the neighbor, he told the boy to get his father so he could “whoop his (buttocks).” The father, Ronald Dailey, declined to file charges but might if this continues. The deputy spoke to the neighbor, Clifford Ruff, who said he was allowed to ride on the property since he was following a power company access. The deputy advised Ruff that did not matter and that it was still private property, and if he returned he would be charged.

Wellsville police asked for help in locating a vehicle on McCormick Run Road, Madison Township, at 4:44 a.m. Tuesday that had been involved in a pursuit inside the village. Deputies found the vehicle and waited for the arrival of Wellsville police, who arrested Dakota Frank.

Victoria Mallot, Grant Street, Lisbon, reported at 1 a.m. Tuesday she went to retrieve something from her car and found the windshield and a side window had been shattered.

A Lisbon area man last week reported his concerns about his juvenile son getting out of control when he did not get his way. The boy’s doctor advised the man to file a report with the sheriff’s office.

Jason Smith, Bowman Road, Knox Township, reported Friday someone fraudulently used his identity to open a Comcast account in Illinois. He found out after getting a call from a bill collector saying he owed $600.

A county park district caretaker reported Monday a vehicle had driven through Scenic Vista Park, leaving ruts in the yard area near the pavilion. He asked the deputies to keep an extra eye on the park.

Dave Jones, Boardman, reported at 12:26 p.m. Tuesday he was sitting in his vehicle eating outside Borza’s Meat Market when a man knocked on his window asking for money. Deputies checked the area for the man but did not find him.