Columbiana County Common Pleas for 4-17

Allen D. Culberson, 61, Cusick Road, Lisbon, pleaded guilty in county Common Pleas Court to two counts of OVI, a third-degree felony. He faces up to 180 days in jail, a $2,700 fine, a six-year license suspension and mandatory participation in an alcohol or drug addiction program.

Both charges state he was driving under the influence on July 11, 2013, with one denoting he refused to be tested with a prior OVI conviction in the past 20 years. Sentencing is set for June 23.

Jarred Chestnut, 22, Depot Road, Lisbon, stipulated to violating his probation and was placed in the Eastern Ohio Correction Center for an indefinite term. Chestnut had been on probation for a previous conviction of breaking and entering for going into the unoccupied house and barn belonging to Dan Paumier on Haessly Road, Hanoverton.

Scott J. Foutts, 46, Samuel Street, East Liverpool, pleaded guilty in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to two counts of possession of drugs for cocaine found with him in both January and October of 2013. Sentencing is set for June 5. He faces up to 24 months in prison, a 10-year license suspension and a $5,000 fine.

Ryan K. Dickey, 26, Metz Road, New Waterford, pleaded guilty to trafficking in drugs and was placed on intervention in lieu of conviction for four years. If he fails to complete the program, he could face 12 months in prison. Dickey, along with co-defendant Pricie Bittner, sold marijuana to a confidential informant in the vicinity of an infant on Oct. 25, 2012.

Robert K. Barrett, 29, East 6th Street, East Liverpool, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering and was sentenced immediately to eight months in prison. On July 16, 2013 Barrett broke into the former YMCA building on West Fourth Street, East Liverpool, currently owned by Newbold Technologies.

New Cases

Rebecca Elizabeth Buren, East Liverpool, and James Arnold Buren Jr., Chester, W.Va., dissolution sought.

Grange Mutual Casualty Co. vs. Emery P. Ketchum, Lisbon, $10,709 plus interest sought for alleged injuries and medical expenses from a traffic crash on Jan. 23, 2014.

Beth A. Craig, Homeworth, vs. Brian S. Craig, Beloit, divorce sought.

William C. Swearingen, Wellsville, vs. Linda K. Swearingen, Wellsville, divorce sought.

Bank of America vs. Lois Rogers, et al., foreclosure sought for property on Michigan Boulevard, Salem.

State Farm Mutual vs. Nellie K. McCleery, Salem, et al., $16,204 with interest sought for alleged damages and injuries from a traffic crash on Feb. 9, 2013.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs. John Shircliff, Lisbon, $28,835 plus interest sought for alleged debt owed.

E.N. Kelly, Inc. doing business as Kelly Oil Products vs. Norman and Judith Beight, doing business as Vittle Village, et al., $58,178 plus interest sought for alleged money owed for gasoline delivered.

OneWest Bank vs. Arlo D. Sanor, et al., foreclosure sought for property on Circle Drive, Minerva.

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Jon M. Halfhill, et al., foreclosure sought for property on state Route 518, Lisbon.

Peggy S. Oyster, Salem, and Joseph L. Oyster, Salem, dissolution sought.

Christopher J. Mayhew, Salem, and Amanda M. Mayhew, Salem, dissolution sought.

Docket Entries

U.S. Bank vs. Justin M. Smith, et al., sheriff’s sale canceled.

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Gary A. Schoonover, et al., foreclosure ordered for property on Seventh Street, Columbiana.

Wendi G. Hannan, Lisbon, and Justin K. Hannan, Lancaster, divorce granted.

Danielle Carroll, Lisbon, vs. Dan Carroll Jr., East Liverpool, divorce granted.

Dawn J. Noell, East Palestine, and Danny R. Noell, East Palestine, dissolution granted.

Thomas L. Reeder, East Rochester, and Mary Margaret Reeder, Salem, dissolution granted.

Edward W. Jones, Leetonia, and Amber G. Jones, Leetonia, dissolution granted.

Jack A. Allen Inc., doing business as Allen Oil vs. Weinco Inc., defendant ordered to pay plaintiff $147,696.

Shirley J. Hawk, Leetonia, vs. Steven M. Hawk, Leetonia, divorce granted.

Brian S. Schulze, Sebring, and Candace L. Schulze, Beloit, dissolution granted.

CitiMortgage Inc. vs. Kerri R. White, et al., property withdrawn from sheriff’s sale.

Huntington National Bank vs. Jon G. Straney, et al., case dismissed.

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Linda M. McQuiston, et al., property withdrawn from sheriff’s sale.