Lisbon Police Reports for 3-27

Police went to 628 N. Beaver St. at 10:13 a.m. Monday to see if trash had been cleaned up and found the back door open, although there was no sign of forced entry, nor was anyone home.

Police accompanied sheriff’s deputies to an apartment at 401 E. Lincoln Way to assist in serving an arrest warrant at 12:09 p.m. Monday. No one was home, nor did it appear as if anyone had lived there for a while.

Nicole Hilton, West Chestnut Street, reported at 3 a.m. Tuesday Chris Brown just left after taking something from her table. Police checked Brown’s pickup truck and the hood was cold to the touch.

A caller reported there were two people in the Lisbon Auto Service parking lot at 3:06 a.m. Tuesday. The person left prior to the arrival of police.

Don Less reported there were some juveniles in the Circle K parking lot with open containers of alcohol in their vehicles at 11 p.m. Tuesday. The vehicle matching the description – a blue Volkswagen – was gone by the time police arrived.

An ambulance crew requested help because they were having trouble with an uncooperative person on Sherman Street who needed transported to a local hospital at 7:37 p.m. Monday. The officer was able to get the woman to cooperate and she was taken to the hospital.

Jim McLaughlin, North Market Street, reported Saturday his neighbor’s garbage was blowing around and into his yard. The officer said he would speak with the neighbors.

The owner of Mary’s Pizza called at 12:44 p.m. Tuesday to say he wanted police to contact Chris Brown and tell him he is not welcome on the premises, which an officer did.

Trenton Holenchick requested Tuesday that an officer accompany him to the apartment of Kristie Tice while he retrieves his belongings, which the officer did.

Someone at the Morning Journal reported at 7 p.m. Tuesday a group of juveniles broke a section of the vinyl fence in the parking lot. Officers located the juveniles, who said it was an accident that occurred while they were throwing a ball around. The juveniles’ parents were advised charges may be filed in county juvenile court.