Lisbon Police Reports 3-9

A caller reported there was a possible drunk in the middle of state Route 164 in front of Agland at 6:40 p.m. Saturday. An officer arrived but did not see anyone in the area, but a female motorist reported seeing the man several miles south of there.

Police were asked Saturday to assist a homeless man who was staying at the Traveler’s Inn but had run out of vouchers. The officer assisted the man in contacting his sister, who paid for him to stay there several more nights.

Police responded to a possible fight at an apartment on North Beaver Street at 4:17 a.m. Saturday. Police did not hear any fighting but spoke to Christopher Thomas, who said he had been yelling at his sister over the phone. He apologized for disturbing the neighbors.

Marcella Bloor reported Friday being overcharged on her credit card at the Smith Oil station in Lisbon. She purchased $19.19 worth of gas but was billed $125. The gas station manager said she told Bloor the money would be refunded and the process has begun to do that. Bloor said she wanted a report on file, just in case.

Arthur Porter, Jerome Street, reported Feb. 21 being threatened by the owner of Lisbon Auto after his son purchased a vehicle from there and wanted them to pay for a needed alignment. Porter said the owner threatened him and ordered him to leave the property. The officer spoke to the owner and a witness, who said Porter is the one who made threats.

Paige Wyss reported Thursday several items were stolen from her car while it was parked overnight on North Market Street.

Megan Morrow, Maple Street, reported Feb. 26 her daughter had yet to be returned after visiting with the girl’s father. Morrow was told she would have to contact the county sheriff’s office since the father lives outside the village.

Carrie Smith called in regard to a domestic dispute at the courthouse parking lot at 10:14 p.m. Sunday. An officer arrived and spoke with Alex Exline, who said Karen Smith showed up drunk at his home on Beaver Street near the courthouse lot. Exline said Smith became very loud and he was in the process of escorting her from the premises when she tripped and fell. An officer tried to speak with Smith, but she was loud and belligerent. Smith was told to come to the police department in the morning to file a report and was given a ride home by her son. She continued to yell out the window as they drove away.

Bonnie Kidder, East Pine Street Extension, called with a barking dog complaint at 8:18 p.m. Feb. 19. Police did not hear any barking, but Kidder called back to say she believed it was a raccoon that had the dogs barking so much

A 911 call was received from the Columbiana County Department of Job and Family Services at 2:29 p.m. Tuesday. Police arrived but no one there knows who called.

Molly Wolfe, Pritchard Avenue, asked for an officer to go to her home at 2:35 p.m. Tuesday to have her son call her at the hospital. Police went to the home but no one was there.

Police were called to a home on Morris Street at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday while an ambulance was summoned to transport an elderly woman to a local hospital.

Nicole Hilton, North Market Street, reported at 1:09 a.m. Wednesday someone put something in her rental property and she wants the tenant removed. Hilton was told she would have to go through the eviction process.

Taylor Merriman, West Washington Street, reported Monday she let two people stay in her apartment three weeks ago and now she wanted them to leave. Merriman was told she would have to contact her landlord to have them evicted if they did not leave voluntarily. Meanwhile, the couple packed their things and left. Meanwhile, the officer noted the floor was littered with trash and cat and dog feces and there were dirty dishes and cigarette butts everywhere. He told Merriman she had until Wednesday to clean up the place because of her 3-month-old daughter and that she needed to speak to her landlord about the “nasty” condition of the carpet.

Police were called to the Days Inn on Feb. 27 in regard to Roy Holency, who stayed there three nights. A church in Plain City paid for the first night, while Holency paid cash for the second night himself but had no way of paying for the third. Holency, 48, was told he could not leave without paying, so he called the church, which paid on his behalf.