Lisbon Police Reports 3-2

Daniel W. Bibbee, 33, Rose Drive, was driving on East High Street when Stephane M. Wylie, 28, North Market Street, pulled out from Cherry Street and struck Bibbee’s vehicle. This occurred at 8:40 a.m. Tuesday.

Steve Carman, East Pine Street, reported at 12:10 a.m. Wednesday he was having problems with his girlfriend’s daughter. Police arrived and spoke to Carman, who said the daughter told him she was moving out and he advised her to come back in the morning to gather her personal property. Police told Carman it made more sense for her to gather her belongings now while they were there, which is what she did. Once this was done, the girlfriend and her daughter left with the daughter’s belongings.

A semi-truck was given a warning for driving off a state route Tuesday morning after turning onto South Green Street and then onto West Washington Street to get to state Route 164.

Sharon Miller, West Washingon Street, reported Wednesday receiving a threatening text message from an unknown number. She suspects may be the right from a civil dispute.

The sheriff’s office asked Monday afternoon for police to keep on the look out for a vehicle that was just involved in a burglary on state Route 172. The vehicle was an older model black Ford F-150 being driven by a man with a beard and moustache and wearing a ball cap. Police were later told that a deputy intercepted the truck.