EL Police for 3-28-14

Officers responded to Cleveland Avenue for a report that two women were fighting, and there Linda Illig told them she was taking Amanda Heddleston’s son so he would have someone sober looking after him. Soon after, officers were called to the home of Kathy Heddleston, where Amanda Heddleston was reportedly found beating on the door with bleeding hands. A window had been broken, as well as an ashtray and ceramic bowl on the porch, and Amanda Heddleston was charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication. No age or address was reported.

Katherine L. Clark, Saint George Street, reported learning her debit card was stolen when she found $400 missing from her account. The card had been used in Baden, Pa.

Homer Williams, Maine Boulevard, reported receiving notices from the state of Indiana, saying he owes delinquent taxes, but he told officers he has never lived in that state.

Officers responded to the Vista Motel for a report by Dale Jarvis, no age or address listed, that he had been assaulted and robbed of money and a gun. He reported his arm broken, but Tri-County ambulance personnel told police they were familiar with Jarvis and his arm injury was an old one. Jarvis was advised he would need to provide the names of his assailants if he wanted to file charges.

After receiving tips of drug activity in an area near West Ninth Street, where people were reportedly parking cars and walking to a residence, officers stopped two men. Both Douglas Tanner and Cody Potts were charged with possession of marijuana when each reportedly admitting having a small amount of marijuana in their pockets. Reports did not list ages or addresses for the men.

The police department was called by a state patrol trooper from the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, reporting that a West Drury Lane man had called and threatened a senator and the Statehouse, also saying he planned to rob a bank. Officers went to the house in question and reported seeing an elderly man looking out the window when they arrived. However, no one answered their knocks at the door, where they reported a piece of paper was posted that advised against allowing police inside your house.

Employees of Fort Steuben Maintenance reported a fuel line cut on a backhoe and diesel fuel siphoned out. A resident provided a video of a man tampering with the equipment, possibly cutting the line, but the Michigan Avenue man has since moved and neither his name nor whereabouts were known by the neighbor.