East Liverpool Police for 3-7

Officers responded Saturday to The New Dimension on Anderson Boulevard, where they found a group of people fighting and yelling, some on the ground. They were able to determine the fight began when a woman spilled her drink on the pool table. A woman identified only as Mrs. Neville was transported to the emergency room by Tri-County Ambulance after being knocked to the ground and kicked by the fighting group. Reports indicated Jimmy Neville and another woman whose name was not reported were also treated at the hospital. Everyone involved was advised how to file charges with the law director.

Bradley Stafford, Sunnyside Street, reported he was filing a 2012 tax return when the tax preparer advised him someone else had claimed the $1,000 he was owed.

An officer stopped a vehicle on Broadway for having its rear windshield and half of the passenger side front windshield covered with snow. The driver, Kristopher G. Sell, 28, no address listed, reportedly was driving under suspension and had an outstanding warrant. His 3-year-old daughter was on the front seat without a restraint. He was charged with driving under suspension and no child restraint, and a family member took custody of the child.

Brittani Price, Wilbert Avenue, returned home to find her vehicle gone and she suspects a man she knows may have taken it. She told police her car broke down and the man offered to take it to a junkyard and give her money for the scrap, but she had told him no.

Linda Farnsworth, no address listed, told police John Powell, no address listed, had a truck registered to her and she wanted it back because she did not want to be responsible if he got picked up in it or wrecked it. He was located by officers at the Orioles Club on Dresden Avenue, where he was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant. The truck keys were returned to Farnsworth.

A Dollar General employee reported seeing a man shoplifting and confronted him. He denied taking anything, even though the employee noticed a bulge in his clothing. Charges are pending.

Gary L. Coil, Eutaw Street, reported a neighbor saw a man enter his yard and take his son’s bicycle.

Nikita S. Crow, Jennings Avenue, reported two men and a woman have been staying with her and she found $500 worth of clothing, a pair of Doc Martens, antique table saw, curtains and other items missing. She was told the woman who had been staying with her stole the items.

Scott Francis, Bradshaw Avenue, reported having problems with an ex-girlfriend, who called more than 30 times in one day and sent numerous texts, threatening to call the health department on him.