East Liverpool Municipal Court for 3-22

In Municipal Court, Julie A. Carl, 42, Park Avenue, was fined $100, sentenced to 30 days, 10 suspended, and placed on probation two years for criminal trespass. For disorderly conduct/intoxication, she was fined $75.

John N. Thompson Jr., 24, no address, was sentenced to 30 days for aggravated trespassing.

Conley McCutcheon Jr., 24, Price Street, was fined $250, sentenced to 180 days, 120 suspended, and placed on probation three years for assault.

Chelsea R. Baker, 23, McIntosh Road, Wellsville, was fined $124 for wrongful entrustment.

Steven Carter, 56, Harker Avenue, was fined $100 for failure to file city income tax returns.

Lindsey A. Hudson, 27, Anderson Boulevard, was fined $475, sentenced to 30 days, 27 suspended, had her license suspended 180 days and was placed on probation two years for OVI. For assured clear distance, she was fined $65.

Nathan L. Kapp, 24, Kelly Avenue, was fined $200 for criminal trespass.

Steven R. J. Wright, 23, Railroad Street, was fined $100 and had his license suspended 180 days for each of two counts of possession of marijuana.

A petty theft charge was dismissed against Elizabeth A. McDole, 49, state Route 45, Lisbon.

Rachelle R. Greathouse, 25, Edgewood Street, was fined $50 for speeding.

A charge of failure to file city income tax returns was dismissed against Timothy T. Garcia, 29, East Fourth Street.

A pretrial was scheduled March 27 for Daniel C. Sharp, 25, no address, charged with assault and petty theft.

Trials were set for Kathy J. Delauder, 55, Holiday Street, charged with failure to file city income tax returns, April 22 and for Gary D. Bonnell, 66, Broadview Circle, failure to yield the right of way.

Ashley R. Hawkingberry, 21, Jefferson Street, Newell, W.Va., was fined $150 and had her license suspended 180 days, each, on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gary T. Dorsey, 52, 14th Street, Wellsville, was fined $350 for driving under suspension.

Ricki L. Nelson, 24, Eutaw Avenue, was fined $50 for intoxication and had a second arraignment scheduled March 31 on charges of driving under suspension and improper passing.

Lonnie D. Cunningham, 21, Harvey Avenue, was fined $40 for speeding, with an expired license charge dismissed.

Logan R. Andrews, 19, Bloomfield Road, was fined $40 for speeding.

Joseph M. Fuller, 21, Smithfield Street, was fined $20 for failure to dim high beams.

A defective exhaust charge was dismissed against Bill C. Weyand, 24, Reynold Street.

Second arraignments were scheduled for Clifford C. Smith, 38, Dale Street, charged with OVI, speeding and no seat belt, March 28; Sandra J. Cianni, 54, 4th Avenue, OVI and required headlights, March 28; Bernice Morris, 54, East Fourth Street, driving under suspension and required lights, April 11; Christopher L. Brown, 38, Clewell Drive, Lisbon, driving under suspension, April 14; James L. Nelson, 26, Dewey Avenue, driving under suspension, April 4; and Tabetha J. Brock, 32, West Main Street, Salineville, theft and expired plates.