East Liverpool Municipal Court 3-6

In Municipal Court Wednesday, Megan M. McBride, aka Johnston, 29, Kevil, Kentucky, was fined $125 for no operator’s license and $35 for failure to obey a traffic signal.

Ronald J. Scott Jr., 25, Homestead Drive, was fined $35 for a red light violation.

Amanda R. Shuman, 22, New Cumberland, W.Va., was fined $30 for a headlight violation.

A trial was set March 25 for Derek R. Westover, 27, Fairmont Road, Elkton, charged with driving under suspension.

Pretrials were scheduled for Robert K. Barrett, 29 East Fifth Street, charged with receiving stolen property, March 13 and Kenneth P. Swoger, 56, East Fourth Street, charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication, March 27.

An initial preliminary hearing by video was set March 7 for Rowdy Fickes, 48, St. Clair Avenue, charged with domestic violence. According to court records, county jail personnel advised the court that Fickes said he was not going to court and they couldn’t make him and that, if they did, he would “tear the place up.” He is being held without bond.