East Liverpool Municipal Court 3-12

In Municipal Court Monday, Richard W. Hutton, 20, Harker Avenue, was fined $75 for driving under suspension.

Regina R. Swain, 43, Youngstown, was found guilty of speeding but was not fined. Court costs were waived.

Deborah L. Frye, 55, Jennings Avenue, was fined $30 for no turn signal.

Pretrials were scheduled for William D. Barrett Sr., 53, Wyoming Avenue, charged with telephone harassment, March 13; Justin R. Barrett, 24, Wyoming Avenue, menacing, March 13; and Marcus Brown, 22, Midland, Pa., assault, April 1.

In court Friday, pretrial was set April 3 for James E. McKahan Jr., 34, Dresden Avenue, charged with two counts of petty theft.

In Municipal Court Tuesday, Graylen L. Thornton, 27, Globe Street, was fined $200, sentenced to 90 days, suspended, and placed on probation two years for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. He was ordered to surrender his license to carry a concealed weapon and to forfeit his firearm to the East Liverpool Police Department.

Norman V. Sleper, 46, West Fourth Street, was fined $50 for open container in a motor vehicle.

Craig A. Baker, 32, Hillcrest Road, Wellsville, was fined $65 for assured clear distance.

A jury trial was set May 22 for Steven K. Hager, 43, Homewood Avenue, charged with violating a protection order.

Second arraignments were scheduled for Charles J. Miller, 24, Georgetown, Pa., charged with OVI, March 18 and Casey R. Carter, 22, Cannons Mill Road, driving under suspension and stop sign violation, April 14.