Columbiana County Sheriff Reports for 3-31

Deputies stationary at Union Ridge and Carmel Achor roads Friday afternoon noticed a vehicle northbound that coasted through a stop sign, with a license plate hanging in a downward position and an inoperable brake light. As deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, it reportedly gained speed until another vehicle seemed to assist them by driving down the center line so it could not pass. The vehicle was stopped at Dyke Road, and the driver, Rusty Altman, Cream Ridge Road, Lisbon, had a suspended driver’s license. According to reports, he was moving back and forth inside the vehicle and had his pants unbuttoned. K-9 officers Alan Young and Jesy arrived on the scene and Jesy alerted on the vehicle, where two burnt spoons were located. Altman was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, and, during a search, officers reported finding he had a syringe in his underwear that Altman said he was unaware of. When asked the last time he used heroin, Altman reportedly told the deputies he had just shot up a bag. He was also charged with possessing drug abuse instruments.

Barry Cooper, Heck Road, Columbiana, reported Saturday a black 2000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a red 2000 Cat four-wheeler were stolen from his garage. He last saw them on Thursday.

While at the Rogers Community Auction on Friday, Wilma Egress, Risveille, W.Va., had her wallet stolen from her friend’s vehicle. In addition to a credit card and identification items, the wallet contained $200.