Wellsville Police Reports for 2-1

Officers responded to the Save-a-Lot on Wells Avenue for a shoplifter. They were met by two employees, who directed them down an alley behind the American Legion Post. There, police found a male, Jonathan White, along with seven packages of steaks he admitted to having taken from the store. White was taken to the station, charged with theft and released.

Police were called to a Main Street residence at 1:10 p.m. Jan 23 by Marla Wink, who stated she and her boyfriend were startled when Wink’s mother, Martha Duck, and sister, Kelly Manning, walked into the home unannounced. When asked what they were doing, Wink says the pair replied, “We thought you were in Lisbon.” Wink suspects that her mother and sister were there to take some of her daughter’s belongings, though nothing was missing and they left quickly. Officers phoned Duck and Manning, cautioning them not to do so again.

Officers were called to an Independence Square address to remove a man and were told by resident Kristin Gage that she had met the man online about a month prior and he came from Akron to stay with her a couple of days. However, when she asked him to leave, he refused until she told him police were being called. He tried to get the phone from her but then left. Officers searched the area for the man but could not locate him. After learning he is on parole, officers contacted his parole officer with the information on what had transpired.

David Butcher, 12th Street, reported a window broken in his trailer. Butcher said nothing was found inside that could have broken the window, and the officer said it appeared all the glass was on the outside of the residence, as though it had been broken from inside.

Carl McDevitt, address not listed, reported someone tried to open a Bill Me Later account in his name, making $500 in electronics purchases.