Salineville Police Reports for 2-15

Two men were arrested Thursday night after reportedly firing shots near North Street. According to police, shots were fired about 9:20 p.m., and responding village officers were assisted by their off-duty chief, county sheriff’s deputies, and the off-duty Lisbon police chief. After determining where it appeared the shots came from, officers knocked multiple times on the door before it was opened. Charged with discharging a weapon while intoxicated were Ray R.S. Kinney, 29, who listed the home as his address, and Justin L. Adams, 24, Clintwood, Va. Recognizance bond of $1,000 was set. Police said it is believed alcohol played a role in the men’s “bad decision-making.”

After two calls Friday to the home of Richard Gerren, 49, Maple Hill, he was charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct/intoxication. According to police, they responded at 7:15 a.m. for reports of an intoxicated person being combative with Tri-County Ambulance personnel who were tending to the woman resident who reportedly had taken pills. She was transported to the hospital, where it was found she had not ingested pills. After being released, the woman was en route home when Gerren reportedly began threatening her by phone, and she again called police. As she arrived home, officers joined the woman outside the residence, where Gerren again reportedly called her and they could hear him both screaming inside the house and on the speaker phone. Officers asked him to leave the residence several times, but Gerren refused, becoming more irate, and he was charged. Officers declined to name the female involved.