Officers investigate drug operation

WELLSVILLE – An investigation is continuing, with possible charges pending, after village officers discovered a marijuana growing operation Monday on 10th Street.

Acting Chief Ed Wilson and Lt. Marsha Eisenhart responded at 11:44 a.m. to a residential alarm at the house at 401 10th St., where they went to the front and back doors.

Eisenhart found the front door open about three inches and entered, announcing herself as a police officer, according to reports.

Inside, the officers found no one inside except a dog inside a cage in the kitchen.

After checking the upper floors, they headed to the basement, which they said was “fairly dark” except for a room constructed of boards which was padlocked, with bright lights shining from within.

Looking through the cracks, they reported seeing what appeared to be marijuana plants being grown and called the village drug task force officer. When he did not immediately respond, they called the county prosecutor’s office, after which the task force officer responded, taking over the case and securing a search warrant.

Village officers surrounded the house until the task force arrived on the scene, during which the brother of one of the occupants arrived, saying his sister’s husband, Maurice “Mo” Moman, was on his way home.

When Mr. Moman arrived, he advised officers no search warrant was needed, he would let them in, but the task force officer said since his wife, Bobbie Jo Moman, was also on the lease, the search warrant would be executed. Mrs. Moman was out of town.

According to task force Director Brian McLaughlin, the search warrant turned up 41 marijuana plants, a gun and crack cocaine. He said lab results are pending, after which charges are likely to be filed.