Liverpool Township Police Reports 2-26

Copper plumbing was reported removed from the kitchen and utility room at the Tri-State Free Methodist Church Camp on Anderson Boulevard after a break-in at the dining hall and dorm building Tuesday.

Christine Clutter, Lisbon Street Extension, reported Monday two televisions and a laptop computer taken from her home at separate times, telling officers her daughter later sent her a text saying she had taken one of the televisions and a man she knows who had been in Clutter’s house had taken the other equipment. Clutter told officers she was most concerned about the welfare of her grandchildren, saying her daughter was using drugs and cannot properly care for them. She was advised to contact police departments in the jurisdictions where the children are living to ask for welfare checks, and the officers agreed to check with the chief to determine if charges could be filed over the missing electronic equipment.

Joseph Johnson, Duncan Avenue, reported Friday about 35 gallons of gasoline stolen from two vehicles at his residence. In an earlier report, Johnson reported a man he knows picked up a chunk of snow from alongside the road on Lisbon Street and threw it at Johnson’s Jeep as he drove past, saying the man, Rick Woolley, has been harassing him for several months. The windshield was cracked by the snowball, according to reports. The officer went to Woolley’s home and told him to grow up and stop throwing snowballs. Woolley told officers that the man in the Jeep had swerved toward him.

Judy Lynch, Kings Ridge Drive, found a dog with heavy buildup of ice on its paws and called the county dog pound since she could not take it in due to her own dogs being aggressive to it. When she could not get an answer at the pound, Lynch called police. Due to the cold temperatures and the dog’s condition, the officer decided it could not be left to wander outside so met with a representative of the dog pound in Calcutta and turned the dog over.

An officer responded to a home on Imperial Drive where an elderly resident had fallen and could not get up on her own. She was not injured, and the officer assisted her in getting into her wheelchair after she declined an ambulance.

Theda S. Mason, 9th Avenue, reported a possible scam after having called a local car dealership to report the need for a new battery in her vehicle. She told police that someone at the number she called told her a mechanic would be up to replace the battery and a short while later a man came to the door, saying he was from the dealership. She gave the man her keys and he went out to replace the battery, after which she wrote a check for $60 for what he told her was a good used battery since the battery she needed was out of stock at the dealership. When Mason tried to start her car, it wouldn’t start. Officers called the dealership, where an assistant manager said he remembered Mason calling and her being advised to have the car towed to the business since they don’t send mechanics to people’s homes.