Liverpool Township Police Report for 2-11

During a traffic stop on state Route 7 for no plate light, officers charged Scott M. Linger, 22, Toronto, with possession of marijuana. According to reports, he was the passenger in the vehicle and had a cigar box containing a marijuana pipe. A box containing marijuana found in the glove compartment was also reportedly Linger’s. The driver had an outstanding warrant but was outside the pickup radius.

Officers were called to Westfield Road Sunday where Vicky L. McConnell reported her daughter, Tracy R. Reinhart, 33, Croft Street, had brought the kids to visit and an argument began over loose cigarette tobacco. McConnell told officers her daughter had smoked all her tobacco and was going to leave taking her own bag of tobacco, leaving her mother with no cigarettes. She said her daughter “flipped out” and attacked her, ripping out a chunk of McConnell’s hair and threatening to kill her before leaving the house. At Reinhart’s home, she told officers her mother had punched her in the nose and mouth and her dad came in to separate them. She told officers she defended herself against her mother. Both women were charged with domestic violence, and McConnell was taken to the hospital after complaining of having trouble breathing. Reinhart declined medical attention, saying she would have the jail’s medical staff tend to her injuries.