Lisbon Police Reports for 2-18

Angie Fowler reported coming across a reckless driver in the area of West Lincoln Way and North Beaver Street at 6:10 p.m. Friday. Police searched for the motorist but did not come across the vehicle.

An officer was called to the BP station in regard to a suspicious person in a vehicle at 7:06 p.m. Friday. The vehicle was gone by the time an officer arrived.

Charley Rowel reported coming across a reckless driver in the area of state Route 154 and East Washington Street at 7:33 p.m. Friday. An officer pulled over the driver, who said he was driving from Pittsburgh and was tired. The driver showed no signs of being impaired, nor was any odor of alcohol detected.

A 911 call was received at 4:33 a.m. Saturday from a girl, who said her mother and older adult sister had been drinking and her sister had ingested three bottles of pills. The girl left their house on West Lincoln Way because she was afraid her mother would be angry at her for calling police. Police spoke with the mother, who said she had been sleeping when awakened by the commotion and then learned her older daughter had taken prescription medication from her purse. The older daughter was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. Police were called back to the residence at 5:12 a.m. by the mother, who said the younger daughter had threatened her. The daughter told police when she returned home her mother became irate at her for calling police and began yelling at her and blaming her for her sister being taken away. The mother said while she was on the phone the younger daughter reportedly grabbed the phone, shoved her and threatened to kill her, which the daughter denied. The mother declined to press charges and only wanted her cell phone back. The mother, who was intoxicated and appeared confused about exactly what had transpired, agreed to let her younger daughter spend the rest of the night elsewhere, and she was taken there by the officer.

The older daughter from the above report was the focus of a Sunday night phone call from her aunt, who feared for her niece’s well-being. The aunt had just brought her home from the hospital and her niece insisted on being dropped off in the Save-A-Lot parking lot. The niece intended to stay in an abandoned apartment until her mother left for work. Police spoke with the woman, who said she was fine and that someone was going to take her to Wooster.

Police responded to a 911 hangup call on East Lincoln Way at 3:09 p.m. Saturday, which the resident said was made by child. There were no signs of any problems at the residence.

Police received a call at 6:44 p.m. Saturday about a Lisbon girl contemplating harming herself, and police went to the family residence on West Chestnut Street, only to learn the girl was at a relative’s home in Columbiana. The officer then contacted the relatives to make them aware of what was going on.

Police were asked by Kaylin Pitts to check on the well-being of Anastasia Blinn on West Lincoln Way at 3:25 p.m. Saturday because the caller had not heard from Blinn for three days and she had not been to work either. Blinn said her phone was out of service for a while and she no longer had a car, but she was otherwise fine.

Sam French, state Route 172, Lisbon, reported leaving his home at 4 p.m. Sunday and being followed into Lisbon by an unknown person in a Jeep Commander. The officer remained on the line with French, and once in town the motorist following French began beeping the horn until French pulled over by Carter Lumber, as did the other motorist following him and the police officer. The female driver of the other vehicle was identified as Jeanette Goebeler, who told police the vehicle she was driving was in French’s name, which was confirmed by the police dispatcher. Meanwhile, French left while they were talking, and Goebeler told the officer she was following French because she wanted him to watch the baby while she went to visit a friend in the hospital. French was contacted by police and he told the officer he was on his way to get his son and would call him back.

Tiffany Ketchum reported she and her friends were in the high school decorating at 6:55 p.m. Sunday when a male entered the building. As a precaution, Ketchum said they locked themselves in the locker room, but the person began knocking on the door. It turned out to be the jayvee coach checking on them.