East Liverpool Police Reports for 2-28

An officer on patrol reported hearing a car revving its engine on state Route 39 and found it going back and forth in the snow. The passenger, Norman D. Sleper, 46, no address listed, was cited for open container after being found with an open can of beer. The driver was not identified in reports and no charges were reported.

Lisa Taylor, Moore Street, reported coming home to find someone had been in her apartment, took $60 and drank six beers. Taylor told police she suspected a neighbor and that, while it was OK for him to do this once in awhile, she didn’t want it happening all the time.

Vincent J. Milewski, Minerva Street, reported finding his vehicle missing from in front of his residence where he last saw it the previous evening.

Officials of the Vista Motel reported a long-time tenant had broken a television in his room.

William Smith, Moore Street, reported someone left hygiene items at his door with a note saying he needed a bath. He suspected his neighbor, who denied leaving the items, telling police, however, that Smith did need a bath. Smith was advised the procedure for filing harassment charges.

Annabelle M. Rupert, Beard Road, New Springfield, reportedly opened her car door on Washington Street in the path of an oncoming vehicle driven by Robert T. Kaiser, 60, East Fourth Street, Salem, which struck Rupert’s door.

While southbound on St. Clair Avenue, Jonathan P. Lao, 31, St. Clair Avenue, turned right onto Grant Street, where his vehicle reportedly slid on ice, striking a metal pole, causing damage to his vehicle.

Ciara N. Cicogna, 24, Ash Street, Salem, was rounding a bend on state Route 39 when her vehicle slid off the right side of the road and struck a curb.

While westbound on state Route 39, Manda L. Harpold, 33, Pennsylvania Avenue, lost control of her vehicle, which went off the left side of the roadway, striking the median. She then reportedly over-corrected, causing the vehicle to go across both lanes, striking a road sign in the grass between state Route 39 and East Third Street. She then reportedly left the scene, but the vehicle was located at the dead end of Pennsylvania Avenue, where Harpold was charged with leaving the scene.