East Liverpool Police Reports 2-6

Officers were called to East Liverpool City Hospital’s emergency room where a man was being treated after an assault. Matthew McDole, age and address not reported, told officers he had been assaulted by people who took $8 and cigarettes. He refused to identify his assailants, according to reports.

Kristy L. Steed, 42, no address listed, reported being assaulted by a woman she knows at a Sixth Street residence. Steed said the woman punched her in the face. She was advised the procedure for filing charges with the law director.

Bridget N. McKinnon, 27, no address listed, reported being assaulted by a man she knows. McKinnon told officers she entered a car with the man and the driver she knew only as RT and, as they traveled toward East End, she said the men began discussing assaulting her. On Pennsylvania Avenue, the driver pulled over and the man she knew began choking her then dragged her from the car and took her cell phone. They then drove off. Officers said she had visible marks. McKinnon was provided the procedure for filing charges with the law director.

Called for a possible burglary in progress at a St. John Street home, officers were advised that a neighbor saw someone carrying out a television set. Canine officer Ivo searched the house but found no one inside. Officers found footprints outside indicating someone entered by climbing through a window.

Taylor Adkins, College Street, reported a piece of ice thrown through her front window.

Officers responded to a report of a man removing items from a condemned house on Prospect Street, where they were advised he was just getting his belongings. The man was advised he must get permission from the planning department to be inside the house.

Jamie Green, Grant Street, reported his home entered and a 42-inch television taken.

Rebecca Johnston, Wilbert Avenue, told officers she went next door to check on her neighbor’s laundry and, upon returning to her apartment, opened the refrigerator to get a cold glass of Kool-Aid. She discovered her groceries, including four gallons of Kool-Aid, had been stolen. She was advised to be more careful about locking her doors when she leaves, even for a short period of time.

Called to East Liverpool City Hospital for an intoxicated man, officers arrested Ray E. Callehan, 47, no address listed, for public intoxication. While Callehan was being escorted from the property, a can of beer fell from his coat and busted open, upon which Callehan picked up the can and began drinking the beer, according to reports.

Alexis Burkett, Wilbert Avenue, reported returning home to find a man with whom she has had an on- and off-again relationship had friends over. An argument ensued, during which, she told officers, he “mushed” her face and a hole was put into the wall. She just wanted the incident documented.

James Ramsey reported a tire and wheel stolen from a vehicle in his car lot on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Chelsa Baker, age and address not listed, reported a man she knows damaged her vehicle on Fairview Street by opening his car door into it.

Heather Buzzard, no address listed, reported her cell phone taken while she was at the New Dimension bar. A similar phone was seen for sale on an online shopping site, but Buzzard has not been able to get a response from the female seller.

Richard Woolley, no address listed, reported his vehicle was parked in the Auto Zone lot overnight and a person he knows cut the brake lines and slashed a tire.

Called for a domestic dispute on Wilbert Avenue, officers reported that Chrisy Baust said she and her boyfriend had an argument but no threats were made. The call had been made to the police department by Baust’s cousin in Pittsburgh, according to reports.

Holli Lovejoy, Vine Street, reported she used her debit card at a local business and, upon returning home, she found it missing. She returned to the store, but could not find her card.

Officials of New Generations Ministry, Saint George Street, reported entry made and a cash box containing $400, an Android tablet and a television taken.

A report was received of someone in an extended cab truck dumping on city-owned property on Anderson Boulevard.

Roberta Herron, an employee of the New Dimension bar, reported being harassed by a patron every time she works. She was advised to speak with the owner about having the patron barred from the bar.

Kelly M. Howard, Globe Street, complained that a neighbor’s kids were teasing her dog. The neighbor told police the children were running back and forth on the sidewalk while waiting for the school bus but not teasing Howard’s dog.

Patricia Miller, Holiday Street, reported two wheels stolen from her vehicle while it was parked in her car port.

A door was pried open at the county Port Authority, Harvey Avenue, and officers advised each tenant would have to report anything missing.