Columbiana County Sheriff Reports 2-17

A deputy was called to a home on Carmel Achor Road in Middleton Township at 11:33 a.m. Saturday in regard to a possible drug overdose involving vicodin and benadryl. The deputy remained until an ambulance arrived to transport the woman to a local hospital.

Steve Paul, Buffalo Road, Kensington, reported Saturday a kerosene heater was stolen from his front porch, while a portable grill was missing from his back porch. Paul also discovered another portable grill and his tool box missing from his barn.

Eugene A. Troyer, 81, Canal Street, Kensington, was charged with assault and resisting arrest while sheriff’s deputies were trying to take him into custody on an arrest warrant at his home on Saturday afternoon. Troyer reportedly refused to go with the deputies and then threw himself on the floor, claiming he was having a stroke. He was then told to sit up and the deputies assisted him to his feet but Troyer pulled away when they attempted to place handcuffs on him. Troyer then made a fist as if he wanted to fight, so he was placed face-down on the couch while being handcuffed. At the jail, he refused to get out of the cruiser and had to be assisted from the vehicle.

Deputies were called to the Lock 24 restaurant at 11:30 p.m. Friday in regard to a drunken patron who refused to leave. Upon arrival, police learned the person had driven through the lawn to a nearby home. The deputies went to the residence and spoke with Donna Welsh, who said Derek Caudill showed up and she took the keys to his truck from him and offered to give him a ride home. Deputies told the 26-year-old Caudill not to return to the restaurant or he could be charged.