Columbiana County Municipal Court for 2-12

In Columbiana County Municipal Court on Tuesday, Joshua D. Pence, 25, Osborne Road, Wellsville, was fined $380 for improper handling of a handgun, which was amended from a felony improper transportation of a weapons charge; second offense reckless operation amended from OVI first offense, a seat belt violation and tail lights. Pence additionally was ordered to attend the three-day counseling program, had his license suspended for 180 days and required not to exercise his concealed carry permit rights throughout his two-year probation. The semi-automatic Springfield XP-40, which was initially seized by the Highway Patrol from the center console of Pence’s vehicle, was ordered destroyed. An open container citation was dismissed.

Scott A. Miller, 44, Hillcrest Road, Wellsville, was fined $775, had his license suspended for six months and required 20 hours community service for OVI first offense and open container in traffic. A lane violation and OVI refusal with prior within 20 years ere both dismissed.

Heriberto Pimental, 41, East School Street, Salem, was fined $675, had his license suspended for 180 days and sentenced to three days in counseling for OVI first offense and failure to control.

David Lapin, 19, North Lincoln Avenue, Salem, was fined $400, required 30 hours community service and sentenced to 30 days in jail if he fails to successfully complete the STEPS program for underage consumption.

Hayward B. Washington, 49, 15th Street, Wellsville, was fined $300, sentenced to 20 days of electronically monitored house arrest and required to make restitution of $342 to Wellsville Animal Control for two counts of cruelty to animals for leaving two dogs tied to a box with a logging chain embedded in their necks and without food or water on July 13, 2013. One dog was covered with feces and had raw ears from being eaten by flies. The other dog was in such distress it was euthanized.

Jack W. Parr Sr., 77, state Route 558, New Waterford, was fined $300 and credited with eight days served for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal damaging for smashing his granddaughter’s laptop computer and then getting in the face of deputies, who came to the house to investigate the complaint. A restitution hearing was set for April 17.

Marra L. McFarland, 26, South Ellsworth Avenue, Salem, was fined $200 and required 30 hours community service for soliciting after she offered to perform a sexual act with an undercover officer for $130 on Nov. 21. A possession of criminal tools involving the cell phone she used to arrange the transaction was dismissed.

Christopher L. Wyss, 29, Malvern, was fined $150 for unsafe vehicle amended from lane violations.

Clint Lepowsky, 42, Steubenville Pike, Lisbon, pleaded no contest to faulty brakes and was fined $50. The charge was amended from a failure to yield the right of way to a public safety vehicle, a citation which was filed following a traffic crash on Nov. 17, 2013, which led to the injury of Columbiana County Sheriff Deputy Willie Coleman.

Brian J. Pieren, 26, Pueblo Drive, Columbiana, was fined $50 for failure to file City of Columbiana Income Taxes.

A Feb. 18 pretrial was set for Paula A. Green, 50, last known address Lynchburg Road, Kensington, cited with violation of a temporary protection order for allegedly going to both the business and home of Duke Green, who has a protection order against her.

A March 4 pretrial was set for Glenn A. McKenzie, 55, state Route 39, Wellsville, cited with OVI first offense.

A March 11 pretrial was set for Mark R. Macek, 51, state Route 170, East Palestine, cited with OVI first offense and failure to control.

A March 17 pretrial was set for Roger C. Mullet, 26, West Pine Lake Road, Salem, cited with driving under FRA suspension and a stop sign violation.

A March 25 pretrial was set for Patricia M. Minerd, 46, East State Street, Salem, cited with failure to reinstate a license and drug paraphernalia for allegedly having a straw device in her purse with both a white powder substance and orange powder substance.

A March 27 pretrial was set for Michael A. Eucker, 48, Buckeye Circle, Salem, cited with driving under FRA suspension.

A March 27 pretrial was set for Samantha Jawn Miller, 27, Greentree Place, Lisbon, cited with driving under FRA suspension.