Lisbon Police Reports 1-20

The driver of the SUV that wrecked on Saltwell Road last Thursday afternoon has been identified as Tori L. Hoperich, 46, Hunters Camp Road, Lisbon. Hoperich was driving on Saltwell Road when she went off the road, striking a road sign and two trees. Police Chief Mike Abraham said although they have yet to determine what happened, it is believed Hoperich had a medical episode of some sorts while driving. She was unresponsive at the scene and taken by ambulance to Salem hospital.

Bruce Wylie, East Lincoln Way, reported Dec. 20 his vehicle was entered.

Police spoke to representatives at C & R Auto, East Lincoln Way, on Dec. 20, and they agreed to move a refrigerator.

Robert Kaiser reported Dec. 11 he was assaulted at the county mental health center by Wendell Custer.

Bruce Whiley, East Lincoln Way, reported Dec. 20 his girlfriend caught Lillian Lochler stealing their mail, but Lochler returned the mail after having a confrontation with Mary Northrup. Lochler told police she served Whiley with an eviction notice and believed he had moved out because the apartment was dark and his vehicle was gone. Lochler said was going to take the mail to the post office when she saw that Northrup was still there. Whiley wanted to press charges, but the officer told him Lochler had good reason for being in the apartment and that she did return the mail.

Bob Wright, North Jefferson Street, reported Dec. 28 there was a truck parked in the cemetery with its alarm going off. An officer checked the area but did not hear any such noise.

Cheryl Albright reported Jan. 3 she was pumping gas at Circle K when Janice Hanna, Latta Road, East Palestine, unparked into her Lincoln MKZ owned by William Hoover of Lisbon.

Barry Sturms reported Jan. 3 someone vandalized an apartment building owned by his mother, Katheryn Williamson, Pendleton Street. Someone spray-painted the front of the building.

Security alarms were checked at the following locations and everything was found secure: Wright Buffing, South Market Street, on Jan. 6; Morgan’s Drug Store on Jan. 7; Consumers National Bank on Jan. 7; WIC on Lincoln Place on Jan. 7; county mental health center on Saturday; William Murray residence, Pendleton Street, at 4:46 a.m. Friday.

Police responded to the Haines apartment on North Market at 8:09 p.m. Thursday in the belief he needed medical assistance, but Mr. Haines said he did not need any help.

Travis Barnes, East Chestnut Street, reported Sunday he suspects his ex-wife, Melissa Dalessio, is harassing his current wife, Renee, and that he just saw Dalessio drive past his house. Mrs. Barnes said she had been followed earlier in the day by someone in a red Jeep and they believe it is Dalessio and her boyfriend. They had also been warned by Mr. Barnes’ ex-mother-in-law to get her grandson out of the residence because there might be a bunch of men heading for the house.

Greg Holloway, North Market Street, reported at 9:57 p.m. Sunday someone backed into his friend’s vehicle after getting gas at Circle K. His friend is Benjamin Seider, and the other vehicle is owned by Kirk Krieger, but the unidentified driver walked away.

Police were called Willowbrook Sand & Gravel at 3:17 a.m. Sunday in regard to two people who were stranded. The officer found Nicole Alexander and Elicia Travis, who said their ride dropped them off in Lisbon and they were walking home. The officer gave them a ride the rest of the way to a home on Darner Road.

Police were called to a domestic dispute behind the VFW at 1:45 a.m. Saturday, and the officer found an upset Danielle Burbick, 26, who said she had an argument with her boyfriend, Brandon Malone, who had left the scene. Burbick said during the argument Malone repeatedly poked her in the mouth with his finger, so she bit his finger, and then he struck her in the face before threatening to run her over. Burbick, who had no physical signs of being assaulted, declined to press charges. Police later spoke with Malone, who was drunk and had a bite mark on his finger. Malone admitted slapping Burbick in the face but only to get her to release his finger. He also declined to press charges.

Police were called to a home on West Lincoln Way at 7:47 p.m. Saturday in regard to an unruly teenager. Trisha Cannon and a Ms. Jones told police a boy they know showed up and was creating a disturbance on the porch when they told him to come inside, but he continued to act in an unruly manner. While there, Kathy Phillips came to pick up the youth, who was told not to come back.

Police were called to the Night Court at 1:22 a.m. Sunday, where employees said they wanted Nathan Jones to leave. Jones was escorted from the bar and told not to return for the night.

Tim Redmond reported at 6 a.m. Jan. 10 his daughter’s Cherokee was stolen from where she had parked it the night before, at the bottom of the driveway leading to the county mental health center. Police determined the same night an ATV was stolen from the back of a pickup truck owned by Trampus Jennings, an oil and gas worker from West Virginia who was staying at the nearby Days Inn. Police determined the thefts were committed by four suspects who pulled into the Days Inn parking lot in two pickup trucks, one of which is an older maroon S-10. Tracks in the snow showed where the suspects road the stolen ATV from the Days Inn to where the Cherokee was stolen and then to the park-and-ride on state Route 154.

A passing sheriff’s deputy reported seeing Lisa Holt fall down on South Lincoln Avenue at 5:14 p.m. Monday. Police arrived and spoke with Holt, who denied being drunk or falling down. Holt, who said her boyfriend had left her, was told this was not a police matter and that she just go sleep it off.

The sheriff’s office asked for an officer to stand by while a tow truck transported Amber Jones’ vehicle to her home on North Beaver Street from state Route 154 at 5:37 a.m. Tuesday. The dispatcher was concerned because Jones, who appeared intoxicated, was harassing the tow truck driver. The vehicle transport was completed without any problem.

Bob Marshalek from the Community Action Agency reported Jan. 10 a motor vehicle struck their building behind the VFW, breaking several bricks and pushing them in to create a hole.

A caller reported there was a reckless driver coming into town east on U.S. Route 30 at 7:26 p.m. Monday. The officer stopped the driver at the intersection of East Washington and South Jefferson streets, and he said he was not familiar with the area and was having trouble driving because of the rain. The driver also said he had arrived at his destination for the night.

The security alarm at the WIC building went off at 2:42 p.m. Sunday, and an officer arrived to find a cleaning crew inside.

Security at the county municipal court requested some assistance at 11:28 a.m. Jan. 10 because of problems they were having with a man. The person was in custody and in a holding cell by the time an officer arrived.

A caller reported there was a disabled vehicle near Richardson’s Monuments on Elm Street at 10:52 a.m. Jan. 9 and that it had been there for two days. The vehicle came back to Keith Savage of North Jefferson Street, but police were unable to reach him.

An elderly resident from the Allay Nursing Home on North Beaver Street wandered away about noon Jan. 8, but he was found unharmed and returned to the facility.

John Olson of Hubbard reported Wednesday he and his ex-wife, Wendy, had a hearing in county Common Pleas Court but she left before him. When Mr. Olson got to his car, Ms. Olson was reportedly there and she began screaming at him about how things had gone in court.

The security alarm went off at the county courthouse at 1:28 p.m. Jan. 7. The responding officer spoke to Justin Madison, chief of courthouse security, who said they were having problems with the alarm system in the auditor’s storage room being set off by the falling room temperature during last week’s cold snap.

Police were called to a landlord-tenant dispute on North Park Avenue at 12:25 p.m. Jan. 8. The woman said the landlord, Mr. Elsass, knew they had been living there and were paying rent. Plus, Mr. Elsass signed a letter to help them obtain government assistance. Mr. Elsass said he forgot he penned that letter on their behalf. Mr. Elsass was then told the next time he filed a report to present all of the facts or he would be charged with filing a false report.