Four are indicted on drug charges

STEUBENVILLE – The Jefferson County grand jury Wednesday returned nine indictments, including four cases in which persons are charged in the course of their employment of stealing drugs or illegally processing prescriptions.

Matthew Miller, 27, of 146 township Road 216, Richmond, was indicted on two counts of theft of drugs.

According to Mingo Junction Police Chief Mike Maguschak, a criminal investigation began when a secure area at the village fire station appeared to have been tampered with. Soon after, the fire chief noticed improperly disposed medical supplies, which prompted an administrative investigation.

Dylan M. Hibbits, 20, of 338 Springdale Ave., Wintersville, an employee of a Kroger pharmacy, was indicted on three counts each of theft of drugs and drug trafficking from March to April.

Brionna Langley, 28, of 1878 Franklin Ave., Toronto, was indicted on charges of 10 counts of illegal processing of drug documents while working at a doctor’s office from July 2012 through April.

John M. Boyd, 50, of 991 Wylie Ridge Road, New Cumberland, a pharmacist at Kmart, was indicted on three counts each of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence and 11 counts of theft of drugs during a two-year period beginning in June 2011.

The grand jury also returned the following indictments:

Joshua M. Channels, 23, of 12615 county Road 56, Richmond, receiving stolen property.

Kirk R. Singleton, 29, of 497 Scott Featner Road, Mingo Junction, single counts of theft and receiving stolen property.

Patrick M. Tennant, 39, of 125 Ravine St., Mingo Junction, receiving stolen property.

Gamal Ahmad, 47, of Bridgeport two counts of possession of drugs and one count of drug trafficking.

Thomas McAllister, 38, of 2655 Whitehaven Blvd., two counts each of breaking and entering and theft.