East Liverpool Police Reports 1-6

Officers responded at 5:51 a.m. Sunday to the Blakely Street home of Michelle L. Kirbaugh, who reported a man she didn’t know had climbed through her window whom she thought might have a gun after he made a comment about “smoking all of them.” Kirbaugh said the man had come to her home earlier with a women with whom she was familiar then came back, beating on the door and asking for the woman, who was not there. When he came in through the window, the man pushed Kirbaugh and took a bottle of vodka from her freezer then spilled it in the dining room. The man, Cory D. Miller, 31, Columbus, was found at the scene and reportedly told officers he had been staying at the house for three days, which Kirbaugh said was not true. He was charged with aggravated burglary.

Daner D. Adkins Jr., was charged with theft Friday after employees of Dollar General, Walnut Street, reported seeing him sticking clothing and other items into his pockets. When officers spoke to him, Adkins reportedly had a shopping basket containing a few items but his pockets were filled with cat food, razors and underwear. He told officers he intended to pay for the items, but employees said they wanted him charged because they had seen him shoplifting numerous times but managed to get out of the store before officers arrived each time. The items in his pockets were valued at about $25, according to police.

Scott B. Ingram, 33, West Fourth Street, was charged with theft in relation to a Dec. 30 incident in which Dollar General employees reported seeing him place deodorant in his pants and leave without paying. Officers had viewed surveillance tapes and identified Ingram as the person placing the deodorant into his pants, according to reports.

Tracy L. Criss, 43, Wilbert Avenue, was charged with theft after employees of Dollar General on Walnut Street reported seeing her take an air freshener and toothpaste and place them into her purse. She came to the checkout and bought an air freshener. Officers charged Criss after viewing video surveillance.

Officers charged Jeremy R. Cranston, 25, Ravine Street, with theft after Dollar General employees reported a man had taken several diapers from a package, conceal them and leave the store. Video surveillance tapes were viewed by officers, who identified Cranston.