East Liverpool Police for 1-15

Officers were called to Smithfield Street for a report that Douglas Toothman was breaking into his old apartment. There, they reported finding Toothman inside and said he told them he had been served eviction papers and still had time to retrieve his belongings. They found Toothman had two active warrants and took him into custody.

Jason Quimby, Saint George Street, reported a neighbor was at his house and about a half hour after he left, Quimby’s son’s Android tablet was missing. Officers spoke to the neighbor, who denied taking the tablet. He was told not to return to Quimby’s home

Kate Wilkinson, North Shady Lane, reported a neighbor threw a high-heeled shoe through her bedroom window. The neighbor admitted doing so and officers advised her to apologize and offer to pay for the window or she could face criminal charges.

Darla Young, no address listed, reported being assaulted by several females as she left the Potters Club on West Sixth Street, saying they pushed her down and kept kicking her in the face. Young told officers she had no idea who the girls were. She suffered a broken eye socket.

Eric Bowen, Ohio Avenue, reported his ex-girlfriend cashed one of his checks and Walmart and he wanted the incident documented.

Officers reported seeing a taxi cab leave the Vista Motel after picking up a man who came from a room where drug activity was suspected to be taking place. The cab was stopped after it turned with no turn signal and its passenger reportedly was seen trying to conceal something between the seat and console. Officers reported finding baggies containing suspected crack and power cocaine, and they seized $552 from the man they said may have been related to drug activities. The suspected drugs were sent for testing.

Natalie Ice, Fawcett Street, reported she was gone from her home a short while, and when she returned, the door was kicked in. It did not appear entry was made, according to reports.

Tisha Haustman reported a vacant home she owns on Anderson Boulevard had been broken into and items stolen, with paint poured over the window so no one could see inside.

Ronald Keyes, address not listed, reported a television and rubber plant stolen from his home were found at a First Avenue residence. There, officers spoke with Tina Mann and Ronald Wright, who said Keyes took their property so they were holding his until he returned it. They were advised to return his property and file a civil lawsuit to have theirs returned.

David White, Sophia Street, reported a safe taken from his home while his girlfriend was there all day. He said only the landlord and another man who came to retrieve his belongings had been there during the time and his girlfriend had stayed in the kitchen while the man got his things. White told officers the safe weighed about 100 pounds but contained nothing of great value.

Ryan Jenkins, no address listed, reported his girlfriend called to say she was being followed by two men as she walked from East End to Laura Avenue. Officers could not locate the men but transported the woman to her destination.