East Liverpool Municipal Court for 1-11

Justin M. Jones, 21, of East Liverpool, appeared for a probation violation hearing regarding a charge of domestic violence. His bond was reset to $7,500, and a revocation hearing will be held Jan. 23.

Heather M. Reed, 29, of New Cumberland, W.Va., pleaded guilty to driving under suspension and was fined $75 plus court costs.

Crystal L. Viznicky, 28, of Lisbon, appearing on a petty theft charge, pleaded no contest and waived her right to trial. She was found guilty, fined $100 plus court costs, and sentenced to 30 days in jail (suspended) and two years of probation plus 50 hours of community service.

Jessica L. Tremain, 21, of East Liverpool, pleaded not guilty to receiving stolen property. She was released on $5,000 bond with pretrial set for Feb. 20.

Timothy R. Crowe, 25, of East Liverpool, pleaded not guilty to a theft charge. A pretrial was set for Feb. 6.

Jason A. Dye, 20, of East Liverpool, pleaded no contest to failure to signal and no seat belt charges. He was found guilty and fined $60 plus court costs.

Mark A. Chrisman, 40, of East Liverpool, failed to appear on charges of driving with an expired license and a loud exhaust.