Columbiana County Sheriff Reports 1-5

Jessica Tremaine of East Liverpool reported Tuesday that while staying elsewhere she received threatening text messages from her former boyfriend and father of their child. She said he threatened to kill her, and a photograph of the text message was taken by a sheriff’s detective. Domestic violence charges were filed against the ex-boyfriend, Dray Bailey, and Tremaine is seeking a protection order against him

Fran Armbruster, Georgetown Road, Homeworth, reported her neighbor called her Monday evening to say he saw footprints in the snow in her driveway. Armbruster was not home and asked that a deputy to check her property. A deputy did just that and found the property to be secure.

James Bihlman of Hammond Construction reported at 8:54 a.m. Thursday a pump and 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel were stolen from a tank. The work site had been shut down since Dec. 23 and when they opened it up on Thursday they found the pump and the fuel missing. Someone cut the wire holding the fence closed and entered. The fuel and pump belonged to Dipetro Excavating.

George Taylor, Clewell Drive, Lisbon, reported at 12:15 a.m. Thursday a man walked up to the van while Taylor was parking in the driveway.

Wayne Dillon, Pancake Clarkson, Rogers, reported at 7 p.m. Wednesday someone threw a rock through the front of the picture window of the home.

Heather Bell, Lake Street, Beloit, reported at 10 p.m. Tuesday she heard yelling and gun shots from the house across the street. Deputies found three spent 9mm casings laying on the ground in front of the front door of the home across the street. The homeowner, Addam Prendergast, 40, claimed another man, Brennan Carr was at the home causing a disturbance, but had left before deputies arrived. According to Prendergast, the man was swinging a tire iron and a ball bat hitting the house and vehicles. Prendergast then said he retrieved his handgun from the bedroom, went outside and fired four shots in the air to scare Carr away. Prendergast admitted to having “a few” drinks. He also reported no damage to his home or vehicles. He was charged with firing a weapon while intoxicated.

Whitney Trosky, McClosky Road, New Waterford, reported at 8:10 p.m. Wednesday she found several items missing from her home, including a Playstation Three with two controllers and five Playstation Three games – Lego Batman one and two, Lego Star Wars, Kill Zone and Motocross. She was also missing a Toshiba laptop and a pair of children’s Air Jordan shoes. A note was found on the kitchen table with “dead” written on it. The items were valued at $970. The house had been left unlocked.

Christine Dine called in regard to a domestic dispute on Bell Road, Elkrun Township, at 11:37 p.m. Thursday. Deputies arrived and spoke with Dawn Bruckman and Mark Williams, who said they had been arguing. Bruckman was in the process of moving out and was concerned Williams would destroy her personal property. Both were advised if either did this they could be charged with criminal damaging.

An automated medical alert was received from a home on Old Route 558, Salem Township, at noon Dec. 30. The deputy found the door unlocked but no one was home. A neighbor said the resident may no longer live there but he sees her son at the house.

Steve Paul, Buffalo Road, Kensington, reported Thursday receiving calls from Virginia Mills, against whom he has a no-contact court order. Paul was advised this was a civil matter and to contact the court.

A deputy received a report of someone stuck in the mud in a small field at the corner of Middle Beaver and Elkton roads in Elkton at 12:18 a.m. Dec. 24. A deputy arrived to find Aaron Tucker and Annette Tice and Tucker’s pickup truck stuck in the mud to its frame. Tucker said he was checking his muskrat and beaver traps when the truck became stuck, but he was unable to produce any trapping permits, nor was there any trapping equipment in his truck. Tucker admitted he was lying and that he was out with his girlfriend when they became stuck. Tucker’s friend tried to pull the truck out with a tractor but was unsuccessful, so the deputy contacted Baker Towing. The field is owned by the township, which intends to pursue criminal charges.

Pasco County, Fla. detective Charles Moyer reported at 7:50 p.m. Friday regarding two missing girls who were possibly with their mother Tracey Gross, 37, West State Street, Salem. When deputies arrived at Gross’ mobile home, they spoke with her half-brother and the girls in question, who said that Gross picked the girls up from Florida. Gross later arrived at her residence and was arrested and taken to Columbiana County Jail for warrants in Mahoning County. The girls were taken to the Columbiana County Sheriff’s office to be reunited with an aunt on their father’s side.

David Ulbright, state Route 39, Wellsville, reported at 8:59 a.m. Thursday that the tires on both of his trucks were slashed and several items in the vehicles were taken.

Dale Hauser, Chester, W.Va., was pulling from the parking lot of J&J Tire, Lisbon, and was waiting to enter the roadway when Molly Wolfe, Pritchard Avenue, Lisbon, backed into the vehicle.

George Faulkner Jr., state Route 14, East Palestine, reported at 2:47 p.m. that his father-in-law backed into his truck, causing damage to the right side of Faulkner’s cab and bed, while trying to back out of the driveway.