East Liverpool Police Reports 12-9

Several people flagged down an officer on Dresden Avenue for an elderly man they said had clutched at his chest then fallen to the ground. While the officer tended to him, the man stopped breathing, and the officer began chest compressions until Tri-County Ambulance arrived on the scene. The officer drove the ambulance to the hospital while paramedics tended to the victim in the back of the vehicle.

Caitlyn Stofen, 20, Wilbert Avenue, reported her boyfriend, Kevin L. Byers, 42, was being assaulted in the parking lot and she intervened and was punched in the nose by a woman she knows. Stofen, who is four months pregnant, said the woman then jumped on her when she fell to the ground. Byers told officers he knew the man who punched him. Both were transported to the hospital by Tri-County ambulance and advised the procedure for filing charges.

Angel M. Mayhew, Rural Lane, reported her ex-boyfriend spray-painted a word on the exterior wall of her apartment, the second such incident since they broke up and she began dating someone else.

Mariah McClellan, Laurel Lane, reported seeing a woman she recognized walking away from her car, carrying a large knife, and reported hearing air leaking from a tire. Another person also reported seeing the same woman kneeling beside McClellan’s vehicle. Officers spoke to the woman they identified, who denied having been outside her residence, where she was babysitting.

Candi White, address not listed, reported her daughter’s cell phone taken from a locker room at East Liverpool High School. An internal investigation reportedly turned up a juvenile suspect.

Mary H. Bailey, Smithfield Street, reported receiving several verbal threats from a man who is living with her daughter.

Denise Ferrebee, Curry Street, reported being assaulted by a person she knows for no apparent reason. She was advised the procedure for filing charges.

Darin Stoll, address not listed, reported a man he knows called him at work, threatening to burn down his house. Stoll told officers he had been selling the house to the man on land contract but the man had moved out.

James E. Six, Haywood Street, reported a mitre saw taken from the front porch of the house while he was working on it.

A generator and computer were taken from the Jaycees headquarters on St. Clair Avenue, and officials reported the building appears to have been entered with a key.

Officers responded to an accident on Globe Street in which Heather R. Geon, 33, Holliday Street said she was her fault, having slid through an intersection and struck another vehicle. As she got out of her car, the other vehicle sped off, and Geon followed it for several blocks, where she saw it stop on Ridgeway Street and several people jumping out. The vehicle then continued on, and one of the people who had exited the car, Christopher Dorsey, stopped her and said they could just exchange information. Geon, however, continued on and found the unoccupied vehicle parked in front of an Erie Street residence. Officers spoke with Shannon H. Simpson, 31, Newell, W.Va., the driver of the other vehicle, who initially said she did not realize Simpson’s vehicle had been hit, then that she stopped on Erie because she didn’t know the area, then that she thought they could just exchange information without involving police, according to reports. Officers said they asked several times who was actually driving the vehicle, and Simpson said she was and that only one other person had been with her. Simpson was charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Jona French 22, Avon Road, Salineville, was cited with OVI and failure to control after she reportedly did a U-turn in the middle of St. Clair Avenue, then crashed into a chain link fence, over-corrected and went across Lincoln Avenue, striking an I-beam in the Busy B Muffler parking lot before the Jeep overturned onto its roof. Inside her purse was reportedly found pills that will be sent for testing, with additional charges possible, police reported. French reportedly told officers at first that her boyfriend was driving, but they told her there was no evidence to support that, after which she admitted being the driver