East Liverpool Police Reports 9-5

After his semi truck became stuck at the Newell Bridge, Gary R. Ethridge, 56, Russellville, Ark., was cited for a no through trucks violation.

Mitzi S. Stoddard, 24, Lincoln Avenue, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after officers reported seeing her go into a known drug house and leave five minutes later. She was stopped and asked about going into the house and Stoddard reportedly said a man there gave her $20 to purchase him cigarettes but she denied having any drugs in her possession. Officers reported she had on tight clothing with no pockets and asked her to shake out her bra, saying it contained a warm crack pipe and a cellophane wrapper Stoddard told them was crack cocaine that she was supposed to deliver to the brother of the man inside the house, then bring him back cigarettes. According to reports, Stoddard told officers the man would kill her since they had confiscated the drugs. She was sent on her way after being charged, and the confiscated items will be tested.

Officers received two separate calls about an intoxicated woman in the Tri-State Credit Union’s parking lot and arrived to find Lorrie A. Banister, 45, Plymouth Street, Hanoverton, lying on the guardrail. They reported recognizing her from a call earlier in the shift when she was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia during a traffic stop in which she was a passenger. Banister was additionally charged during the second call with disorderly conduct and intoxication.

While checking the area of Pennsylvania and Dewey avenues for dogs running at large, an officer reported seeing a car parked behind a residence known for drug activity and a recent shooting incident. The vehicle took off, squealing its tires and was located at the Marathon station, where the driving was pumping gas. When the vehicle left the gas station, it was pulled over and all the occupants got out, with one person getting back in and driving off without using a turn signal in two locations, according to reports. The vehicle then stopped by a woman who was walking but who had been inside the vehicle previously. When she saw the police cruiser, the woman reportedly walked away and was stopped by officers. She was patted down and they found a metal crack pipe. The woman, Lorrie Banister, 45, Plymouth Street, Hanoverton, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. The driver, James R. Lamp, 38, Foundry Hill Road, Summitville, was charged with driving under suspension, unsafe vehicle and no seat belt.

Jessy L. Goodwin, 34, St. Clair Avenue, was charged with falsification Sunday after he reportedly gave a false name during a traffic stop in which he was a passenger. He also had an active warrant. The driver, Joshua P. Robb, 24, Seigler Road, Lisbon, was charged with no turn signal and driving under suspension.

Nathan L. Kapp, 23, Kelly Avenue, was charged Sunday with domestic violence, criminal damaging, resisting arrest and obstructing official business after police responded to North Shadylane for a call from Desseria N. Britton. Britton said Kapp came home drunk and she was tired of his drinking. She said he got angry and slammed her against the wall, headbutted her, threw her on the bed and bit her arm, grabbing the phone and breaking it when she tried to call police. Britton was able to get out of the house and called police, who arrived to find Kapp locked inside with the couple’s 1-year-old child. He told officers he was preparing the child a bottle but they heard a door shut and people outside told officers he was climbing out a window. Kapp had to be taken to the ground to be handcuffed when he reportedly struggled with officers. The door was broken when he slammed it, according to reports.

While on patrol, officers saw a vehicle parked at Minerva and Oak streets with three men inside then saw a man come from a house on Bradshaw Avenue and walk toward the vehicle. When they vehicle pulled out, the cruiser followed it and initiated a traffic stop after it parked with its rear end sticking into the street. They reported it appeared driver Cory Robquer, 25, North Middle Street, Columbiana, tried to hide something between the seat and door, where a small bag of suspected marijuana was later located. Robquer was charged with possession of marijuana, and his passenger, Jerry L. Dunham, 39, Coolidge Street, Newell, W.Va., was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after reportedly admitting he had a crack stem in his pocket.