East Liverpool Police Reports 8-2

Officers checked the area of 815 Illinois Avenue Thursday morning at the request of St. Clair Township police for a vehicle involved in a hit-skip accident in the township. An officer located the vehicle and its owner, Donald W. Wright, 45, who reportedly admitted his involvement in the accident. As the officer was trying to see the damage to Wright’s vehicle, he reportedly saw Wright hand a bag of suspected marijuana to a woman. Wright was charged with possession of marijuana. A report on the accident itself was not available from the township department Thursday night.

While on patrol Thursday, officers reported seeing a woman near Bradshaw Avenue and College Street, yelling at a man. She ran up the steps connecting the two streets, and an officer followed. When asked why she was running, the woman said she wasn’t and reportedly lied about her identity repeatedly. A nearby friend identified her as Desiree R. Ousley, 24, McArthur, Ohio. When brought to the police station, Ousley was asked if she had anything illegal, reportedly producing a crack stem from her bra. She was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and falsification.

Wilda Featherstone, Montgomery Street, reported someone entered her home, which she realized after finding items misplaced, including her purse. Featherstone reported $35 missing from her purse as well as jewelry. Evidence was taken to be sent for testing.

Officers were called to the Oasis Cafe for people fighting outside and found two women in a verbal argument. They went their separate ways.

Ray Beaver, the owner of Jay’s Beauty reported finding a copper wire outside the business cut but not taken. He told police he saw a pickup truck driven by a man leaving quickly from the area.

Officers responded to complaints of a vehicle sitting in the middle of Ogden Street outside a known drug house. After reportedly seeing the vehicle drive off without a plate light, officers pulled it over and asked the driver, Kayla Shaderline, 23, if she had any contraband. They said she produced a glass pipe containing Chore Boy from her bra. She was cited and released. The specific charges were not included in the report.

Heather Allen, Morton Street, reported change taken from her vehicle while it was parked outside her residence.

Nicole Rogalla, 27, reported her ex-boyfriend punched her several times in the face and broke her vehicle’s window. She was advised to see the law director if she wished to file charges.

Troy Hauenstein, no age or address listed, reported being assaulted by a person he knows. A friend took him to the emergency room for treatment of a cut on his nose. He was advised to speak with the law director if he wished to file charges.