Columbiana County Sheriff Reports 5-13

Kathy Hahn, Rainbow Circle, Beloit, reported at 9:28 a.m. Wednesday she found a scam on her computer. It was locked up by a virus, which claimed to be from the FBI and requiring her to pay a $300 fine with a Walgreen’s money card to unlock it. She was told to have her computer serviced.

Barbara DeLauder, Hillcrest Road, Wellsville, reported at 11:05 a.m. Wednesday she made an online purchase at for $48.98 with her debit card and at 1 a.m. found another charge from Walmart for $107.

A bus driver reported a small child in a front yard near U.S. Route 30 at 10:18 a.m. Wednesday. Deputies went to speak with the mother, who said she had been in the house, but the 2-year-old child’s father had been in the backyard with the child. At some point, the child wandered into the front yard, which is where the bus driver saw him and brought him back to the house.

The following residents in the 9000 block of Rochester Road reported someone shot their homes with paintballs, mostly orange paintballs on sometime Wednesday afternoon

Kenny Merrick, Deamion Wallace, Sandy Cooper and Courtney Hein. Sue Little, who lives on the same property as Cooper reported the sign in front of the properties in that area was also shot.

Deputies responded Thursday night to the home of a 53-year-old Speidel Road, Lisbon man after he reported his granddaughter stabbed him. The granddaughter, 19, same address, told deputies she and a friend were in her room when the man knocked on the door and came in, wanting her and her friend to strip because they lost a pool game. The woman said she called the man a pervert, and he struck her in the face. She swung back and threw a lamp at him, according to what she told deputies. She locked the door and called her grandmother, who wasn’t home. When she heard her grandmother, the woman left her bedroom armed with a pocket knife and went into the living room, where she said the man came at her. She held the knife out in front of her and he ran into it, causing minor injuries to his shoulder and chest, deputies reported. The man did not want charges filed but wanted the woman out, and deputies advised he would have to accomplish that with eviction proceedings, which caused him to become upset. The man was advised to come to the sheriff’s office when he sobered up, and statements were taken from the woman and other witnesses, with information sent to the court for review. The woman and her friend were given a ride to Salem. She advised deputies the man is married to her grandmother.

Michael A. Grzymala, 38, McGavern Road, Salineville, was charged Friday morning with domestic violence after his mother Patricia reported he had consumed a large amount of alcohol and took pruning shears outside, where he began eating grass by a rose bush. He became irritated and struck the bush, trying to knock it over, and when she told him to stop and that deputies had been called, Mrs. Grzymala reported, he grabbed a doorstop and said he would hit deputies with it, also pushing her and threatening to bash her head against the wall. Deputies arrived to find him locked in the bathroom and had to use a pen filler to unlock the door and shove him aside to get in and handcuff him, according to reports.

Deputies responded Wednesday night to a domestic dispute on state Route 9 in Hanoverton, where Justin Cooper, 22, said he and his mother were arguing. He said his mother and stepfather wanted him to move out. His mother, Regina Ohler told deputies they are constantly arguing and she feels it best if her son moves out. He agreed to pack his belongings that night and leave. There was no violence reported and no charges filed.

Tabor Carlie, Bandy Road, Homeworth, reported her ex-husband keeps calling and harassing her.

Paula May, Scott Drive, Knox Township, called Saturday saying she wanted to gather some belongings but thought there might be problems. She was told to call back if something happened.

Rod Wright, Charlton Street, Guilford Lake, reported Saturday afternoon seeing a suspicious man dressed all in black walking along the street. The man had a black star on his face covering his left eye.

David Thirion, state Route 164, Lisbon, reported Saturday 21 unauthorized charges totaling $423 were made from his bank account.

Donald Smith, Speidel Road, Hanoverton, called at 4:39 p.m. Friday because he wanted his granddaughter removed from the residence but was told she could not be forced to leave if she lives there. The granddaughter said she would gather some belongings and leave for the night and return for the rest another day.

A woman from Winona Road, Salem, reported Friday her 16-year-old son was in Salem with a 19-year-old girl, and he refuses to listen to her. The woman was told to contact Salem police if she wanted to retrieve her son, and she could also file unruly charges in county juvenile court.

The Glass & Green Flower Shop, state Route 14, East Palestine, was found broken into and several potted plants were stolen from the nursery.

Michael Feltner of Austintown reported Saturday having purchased a Kindle Fire from the Rogers Sale for $80. When Feltner called Amazon to activate the Kindle he learned it had been reported stolen/lost.

Victor Lynn, Grafton Road, Leetonia, called for a deputy after arriving home at noon Sunday to find a pickup truck in his driveway and no one around. While the deputy was en route to the scene, two people emerged from the woods behind Lynn’s house, one of whom was his neighbor and the other a surveyor. The neighbor said they had parked there to survey his property after being unable to reach Lynn, and he did not think Lynn would mind. Lynn declined to press charges.

Aaron Tucker, Old Route 45, Madison Township, reported Sunday his 1990 Crown Victoria was stolen from his property, along with eight to 10 batteries and a torch cart.

A man who lives in the Twin Oaks Trailer Park, state Route 45, Lisbon, called for a deputy at 7:13 p.m. Saturday because his teenage stepson was refusing to listen to him. The deputy told the boy he should mind his stepfather or he could be charged in county juvenile court with being unruly.

Amanda J. Scott, 34, of East Liverpool, reported Saturday she was driving her ex-boyfriend, the father of her daughter, to Boardman when he began to smoke in her car after she asked him not to. Scott pulled over in the Save A Lot parking lot in Rogers and ordered him to get out, which he did. The ex-boyfriend then tried to get their daughter out of the car, which resulted in an argument with Scott. The ex then grabbed Scott’s phone from her and threw it, striking her in the head. Scott declined to press charges.