Liverpool Township Police Reports 4-6

Officers were called to Oak Grove Road for four-wheelers racing up and down the road, throwing rocks onto vehicles. Michelle Argabrite told the officer it was her sons riding and they were on their property but that she had had problems with a neighbor, Robert Osborn. Osborn was the caller, according to reports. Osborn told police one of the boys did a wide turn, throwing gravel that hit several of his vehicles, but officers found no damage to the vehicles. He had Argabrite remove a large amount of loose gravel thrown into the roadway by the four-wheelers.

Alan R. Laws, Youngstown-Salem Road, Salem, reported being southbound on state Route 7 when he passed a slower moving car. The vehicle then drove up close to the rear of his vehicle, hitting the mirror on Laws’ car with his hand and then got closer, actually making contact between the two vehicles.