Columbiana County Sheriff Reports 3-4

Deputies responded to state Route 45 in Lisbon Friday night where a man was found with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The West Point Fire Department and North Star Critical Care ambulance crews performed CPR on the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Casey Wolfe, Murray Road, East Rochester, reported seeing a vehicle leaving a wheat field, which had been damaged by the vehicle. Through the license plate number, deputies tracked down the husband of the vehicle’s owner, who said her 17-year-old son had been driving the vehicle that day and had taken it to school. His mother is to bring the boy to the sheriff’s office on Monday.

Deputies were advised Friday of a woman dragging a small girl by her hair to a vehicle at Rogers Community Auction while the woman was holding an infant upside down in her other arm. She left in a vehicle with Jefferson County license plates, and the sheriff’s department there was contacted to have the mother call this sheriff’s department and to conduct a welfare check on the children.

Diane Calhoon, Carmel-Achor Road, Negley, reported her trash can set on fire overnight.

Stephanie Squires, state Route 517, Lisbon, reported applying for a job online and the receiving a pay check before she started working. She later received a warning to cash the check and return the money by Western Union. She failed to cash the check, believing this to be a scam, and is now receiving threatening calls and text messages.

Bill Smiley, Justison Road, East Palestine, reporting returning home to find the door kicked in and items taken.

Cory Reinwald, state Route 45, Salem, called to have someone removed from the home, but deputies said the situation was resolved prior to their arrival.

Ken Baun, Woodville Road, Leetonia, called to report Columbia Gas workers and equipment on his property without permission, which he said caused damage to a driveway leading to an old lease well. Baun said the issue of the lease is currently being resolved in court, and he wanted a report on file of this incident.

Responding to a domestic violence call at 3:38 a.m. Sunday, deputies were told by Jennifer L. Angle, 47, state Route 164, Lisbon, that she and her husband, Derrell F. Angle II, 50, had gone out with some friends and did a bit of drinking. Her husband became upset and was “acting ignorant” on the way home, she reported. At home, he reportedly became irate and began breaking things, including a mirror and Mrs. Angle’s phone then struck her a few times in the face before leaving. Their 15-year-old daughter told deputies she saw him strike her mother two times, according to reports. Deputies were called back later when Mr. Angle returned, and he was arrested for domestic violence. They said Mr. Angle had some scratch marks on his neck and a bleeding finger.

Dick Wilk, state Route 344, Columbiana, owner of Specialty Ceramics, reported trucks hauling sand had made large ruts in the yard of the business.

An 82-year-old Hull Road, Lisbon, woman called Sunday to report she had a major water line leak that was flooding her kitchen and asked if deputies could go to her friend’s house in Hanoverton to ask if he could come and help her, since she has no other friends or family who will talk to her. She was given a help hotline number and that of Red Cross, and Lisbon Fire Department was dispatched to the scene. Fire officials told deputies the woman had no major break but just a small drip underneath her sink, but they said the house appears to be uninhabitable and the health department should be notified. Deputies went to her friend’s house in Hanoverton, but he said he does not want bothered by her.

Johnathan Coie of Middleton Ace Hardware on Crestview Road, reported a vehicle had lost its brakes, running into the building Saturday. The driver, Shawn P. Beck, 41, Pittsburgh, told deputies he had stopped to get a part to fix the brakes when they failed, causing the vehicle to strike the building, which had some damage to its side. Some items were knocked off a shelf inside. The 1992 Chevy Blazer Beck was driving is owned by Deborah Lenn, Creek Road, New Waterford.

A Cannons Mill Road, Wellsville, man called a veterans hospital hotline to say he wanted to kill himself and, if his son’s girlfriend came home, he was going to kill her, too. He said he was a Vietnam War veteran and needed help, according to deputies who responded. He was transported by Tri-County ambulance to the hospital.

Mitch Lacey, Bethesda Road, Hanoverton, reported he left his checkbook and driver’s license in the vehicle of a man he knows and now the man won’t return them, despite several requests. Lacey was found to have an active warrant for failure to appear for a drug screen/driving under suspension and was taken into custody then to the county jail.

Bob Crosser, state Route 30, Lisbon, reported his daughter’s new boyfriend had taken slag from his property to fix a water problem at her house across the road. Deputies spoke to the other parties, who said they did not take the slag but they did have permission from Chesapeake Energy to do so when the road was re-done. They were advised to ask permission before going on Crosser’s property.

Benny Wright, state Route 9, Kensington, reported his and a neighbor’s mailboxes damaged, apparently having been struck by a truck. He said the mailboxes were intact but the wooden post was broken off at ground level.

Bill Catlett, Mattix Road, Lisbon, reported a vehicle over an embankment in the stripper cut off state Route 45 at Stookesberry Road. Deputies found the vehicle had been stolen, and a message was left with its owner, Anthony Daugherty of Amsterdam. It was towed.

James Earich, East Main Street, Salineville, called Saturday to have his girlfriend removed from his residence after a verbal argument. Deputies said Earich was extremely intoxicated and was unaware that his girlfriend’s father had come and picked her up hours before Earich placed the phone call to the sheriff’s department.