East Liverpool Police Reports 2-26

Lois J. Geisse, 40, Minerva Street, was charged Friday night with domestic violence after her ex-husband, Joe Geisse, reported she was at his house and kicked him in the leg on which he had just had surgery in an attempt to get upstairs to his son. Mrs. Geisse had left prior to officers’ arrival for the initial call but a few hours later, returned to the house and was trying to set the porch on fire, according to reports.

While on patrol Friday night, an officer was watching a house on Mason Street about which numerous reports had been received concerning high traffic in and out. The officer reported a taxi letting off a passenger who knocked on the door but got no answer. When the officer asked the man his name, he claimed to be Joe Smith who lived there but he had no key. The man reportedly gave the officer two different Social Security numbers that failed to return to Joseph Smith. Eventually, he gave the name Dashawn Smith of Columbus. He was charged with obstructing official business due to the amount of time the officer had to spend trying to obtain his correct identity. A baggy of marijuana was also found lying on the ground near the front porch of the home, according to reports.

Arturo L. Lorens, 42, Chicago, was charged with unsecured load and failure to control after two steel coils weighing nearly 22,000 pounds fell from his tractor trailer as he entered state Route 11 northbound. According to reports, Lorens told police he was traveling just 5 miles per hour as he came from the cloverleaf onto the entrance ramp. Officers said the skid marks and the distance traveled by the coils indicated he had come off the cloverleaf at a high rate of speed, causing the truck to jump the concrete median and the coils to rip through the four straps holding them on the trailer.