Liverpool Township Police Reports 1-26

Glen L. McMillin, 33, Alton Street, was charged with falsification after he reportedly told police he had been robbed by three men but surveillance video in the area indicated that never occurred.

Shannon E. Myers, Dresden Avenue, reported her home entered and a lock box taken that contained personal papers, a prescription and bank statements. An Xbox and flat screen TV were not taken.

Melinda K. Christy, Wood Alley, reported receiving text messages from an ex-boyfriend that have escalated to threats. She was advised to speak with the law director about filing charges.

Responding to a call of a suspicious vehicle stuck in a yard on Elson Avenue, officers said Robert D. Duffy, St. Clair Avenue was standing by the vehicle. He agreed to take responsibility for any damage to the yard, and his vehicle was removed by a wrecker.

Greg Weaver reported waking to find his bank card moved from the position in which he had left it before he went to sleep. He called the bank and found someone had removed $200 from his account at an ATM. A clerk at the store where it is located told him his son had walked into the store and used the ATM.

Justin Trevor, Bank Street, reported he was driving south on Dresden Avenue when he was forced off the road by a red pickup truck. The truck stopped in the middle of the road and a man he knows exited the passenger side and began screaming at him and taking off his shirt. Trevor continued driving away, with the man chasing him on foot. Later the same day, Trevor was southbound on state Route 7 and saw the same man driving in front of him. He tried to swerve his vehicle into Trevor’s.

Officers were called to a Lisbon Street residence for a man and woman in a dispute. The couple said they had recently gotten back together and were trying to make their relationship work. Officers suggested they separate for the day to cool down and told the couple if they were called back, they would be arrested and the judge could solve their problems after they spent a night in jail. St. Clair Township officers assisted on this call.

Doug Evans, LaCroft Avenue, reported purchasing an iPhone on Craig’s List and, when attempting to have it turned on at AT&T, was advised it had been reported stolen.

Jennifer M. Smith, Ninth Avenue, reported vehicles driving through her yard, and officers found several sets of tire tracks in the snow but found no visible damage.

Thomas Echols, Township Line Road, Wellsville, reported he was southbound on John Campbell Road when the antenna of his semi caught low-hanging wires, pulling them down.

Officers responded to Leland Drive for a complaint of dogs running at large, and resident Rhonda Wain said she had called four months ago about a mastiff coming onto her property. The dog warden will be notified.

Winnifred Dailey, Eighth Avenue, reported a dog barking and officers found that the dog’s owner, Scott Davis, Eighth Avenue, had been issued a warning about the dog Jan. 4. He was cited for the second barking dog complaint. Davis told officers he will try to find homes for his dogs since his neighbor finds them to be a nuisance.