East Liverpool Police for 1-4

Tammy S. Brewer, Ohio Avenue, reported a relative dropped off presents meant for her home at another house by mistake and now her neighbors will not return them. Officers spoke with the neighbors and found no presents at their home.

Tracy L. Blankenship, Vine Street, reported someone took food from her refrigerator and threw it on the floor along with Christmas cookies and household items.

Zakary C. Ollis, Pennsylvania Avenue, found his vehicle up on blocks and all four rims removed.

Patrick L. Hagerty, 28, address not listed, was treated in the emergency room after being assaulted by two men with ballbats near Bruno’s who took his money. He told police he had no idea who they were.

Nina Sattler, no address listed, flagged down officers to report the passenger side tires of her vehicle flattened while in the Giant Eagle parking lot on Bradshaw Avenue.

Four packages of cigarettes were reported stolen from Bricker’s by a man who then fled on foot.

Kimberly Triner, Bank Street, told police she believes her daughter entered her home and took an Xbox gaming system.

Responding Wednesday night to a report that Kaylee Bailey, 815 Chester Avenue was being held against her will, officers found her outside and she told them she was able to get out but it was her house and she wanted to go in and retrieve .40-caliber pistol. She said the man inside, John Lockett III, 36, “shouldn’t have a gun,” according to reports. Officers told Lockett he needed to let Bailey inside, but he reportedly continued being uncooperative, yelling at officers and Bailey. He came outside and locked Bailey out with two children inside, officers said. When he unlocked the door so Bailey could go in, he was told to stay outside, but followed her to the bedroom. As she attempted to get the pistol from underneath the mattress, officers saw an assault rifle and retrieved it. Lockett tried to get past officers and was charged with obstructing official business. After Bailey reported he slapped her in the face when she tried to call for help, Lockett was also charged with domestic violence. Officers reported finding six marijuana plants on a stand in the dining room and said Lockett had $1,140 in his possession which was seized. Officers reported other charges could be filed after learning that the assault rifle had been reported stolen.