Abduction claim deemed false

CALCUTTA — A woman who claimed to have been abducted after leaving the local Walmart was charged Sunday after police decided her story did not ring true.

St. Clair Township Police reported that Cheyenne Gilmer, 22, Wilbert Avenue, East Liverpool, called Sunday morning to say she had been picked up and held against her will after leaving the local Walmart, but she was charged with obstructing/falsification after she reportedly admitted lying about the incident.

When Gilmer arrived at the police station Sunday to file a report, she advised police the incident occurred two days before when she decided to walk home from Walmart and a white male in his 50s or 60s, driving a pickup truck, offered her a ride and she accepted.

The man, whom she said had a gray beard, blue eyes and was wearing a brown sweater and tan pants, pulled a gun from his waistband while they were traveling on St. Clair Avenue and told her he was taking a shortcut, turning onto Oakmont Avenue.

She told officers the man pulled over and duct taped her mouth and used rope to tie up her arms then blindfolded her before driving to an unknown location where the man dragged her from underneath her arms into a house.

There, Gilmer said, she was held captive for 12 to 14 hours in the basement before her captor released her.

Officers noted she had no visible signs of being tied up or dragged under her arms.

While questioning Gilmer, officers reported she was “very hesitant” in answering who had dropped her off at Walmart in the first place, then stated, “a friend,” finally giving a first name when pressed.

An officer asked why she was lying, saying he could tell she was by the way she was acting, prompting Gilmer to admit she was lying about the whole story, according to reports.

She told officers she was “just trying to cover her tracks” because she had left her children at home Friday with her boyfriend and went with a friend to do drugs.

Officers reported Gilmer stated a Liverpool Township police officer had stopped them Friday night and had their vehicle towed because neither she nor her friend had a driver’s license and said she had made the false report about the abduction to cover her tracks because she had been “clean for over a year.”

Gilmer told officers she had never been at Walmart Friday, and in checking with Liverpool Township, officers said they confirmed her account of the traffic stop.