Roadwork continues in Madison Twp.

WEST POINT — Madison Township’s road crew continues its work on potholes and cleanup of trees following recent storms.

In his report last Wednesday to trustees, road foreman Gary Mitchell announced the road crew is currently in the middle of hot patching various roads throughout the township and will be continuing its efforts until entirely finished.

Mitchell reported one request for work for a culvert pipe cleanout on McDonald has been put on hold until the hot patching process is complete.

“When we do get to that area, the issue is going to be that the culvert is going to be plugged,” Mitchell said. “I can clear the ditch out, but it’s up to the property owner to have that removed or flushed out themselves.”

Due to recent storms, several trees have been reported down, including on Cream Ridge Road and throughout Bear Hollow. Mitchell said while the Cream Ridge tree has been cleaned up, additional work had to be done at Bear Hollow, resulting in the road being temporarily closed.

” … we had to shut down the road for one day before a power line and a telephone pole down there,” he explained.

Mitchell also said, due to mechanical problems with the mower, crews have not been able to continue mowing. He also stated loggers have been looking at property on Cannons Mill Road and will be there for a couple weeks. He said they may consider placing a bid on the property, but was not certain.

In addition, Mitchell requested the board approve purchases of limestone material which will be used for winter road clearing, along with ash which has been picked up recently. The board approved motions to purchase 500 tons of limestone material. The board, however, is waiting on winter salt after learning that it would cost $62 per ton.

In other business:

— During public comment, Torma Road resident Todd Mays asked the board about the township’s electrical co-op program and inquired who is the electrical provider for the township following recent news of the bankruptcy and pending purchase of FirstEnergy.

Trustee Roger Walker said to his knowledge all contracts would be honored with the new company. Fiscal Officer Tiffany Chetock stated there was an opt-out program, but the township would need to look into the information.

Also in public comment, Skip Hamilton asked trustees about the switching plant for South Field Energy on state Route 45 in the township and whether or not the township will be able to receive any money from the plant. Chairman Wayne Chamberlain advised Hamilton the township will receive some of the tax money.

— Trustees approved a motion to create a separate emergency fund for any proceeds the West Point Fire Department may receive for fire damage and work. The motion was made at the request of the state auditor’s office, which recommended the township no longer place those funds in the General Fund and instead deposit them into a different fund.

Also related to finances, trustees approved the payment of the bills amounting to $25,762.65, along with seven purchase orders.

The next regular meeting is scheduled 6 p.m. Sept. 26 at the Madison Township Garage meeting room on state Route 45.