‘Flea Market Fanatics’ set to launch Sunday online

ROGERS — A new reality TV show is almost in the can, as they say in the business.

Steve Swanson, director of “Flea Market Fanatics,” said the show will be launched this Sunday online, in preparation for its marketing to TV networks and streaming services.

The reality show with a comedic slant focuses on those that visit the popular local Rogers Community Auction, also known as the Rogers Sale. Hollywood Top Productions began filming in March with a casting call at the flea market.

Swanson said filming continued throughout the summer and included special guest appearances by Pro Football Hall of Fame full back Larry Csonka and WQED Pittsburgh Film Producer Rick Sebak and local recording artist Candace Campana.

“It’s been a lot of fun. We got to meet a lot of people. We feel like we’ve gotten a lot of great support from the community,” Swanson said.

The production team also took time out to visit the Columbiana County Fair, he added.

The team will launch the first episode on https://fleamarketfanatics.com this Sunday. The episode, named “Rogers Idol” focuses on those who answered the initial casting call, and future episodes include features on food.

Additional episodes will feature the Baer family, who run the market, and Braydon Bowyer, the 17-year-old chicken expert, as well as weather by Justin Kibler, and a variety of vendors and shoppers.

Swanson said the team wanted the show to be funny and educational while telling some good stories along the way.

“It’s been a learning process for all of us, that is for sure, on putting a show together and having it be entertaining and make sense,” he said. “The (Baer) family has been so good to us as, giving us access to the market and resources there, and a behind the scenes look at what they do. They are an amazing family.”

The show’s producer, Steve Kreider, who also worked on Duck Dynasty and Pitch Perfect 3, said in a press release that he has become friends with many interesting people as a result of the show.

“They all have incredible stories about their experiences at Rogers Flea Market. Whether you are 10 or 90 years old or somewhere in between, there is something interesting for you to watch on Flea Market Fanatics,” Kreider said.

Now that the show has taken shape, it will be aggressively marketed to networks and streaming services, but until then people can visit the show’s online channel, https://fleamarketfanatics.com.

The first season has six episodes that feature Rogers Flea Market.