Trustees finalize chip-and-seal list

WEST POINT — Madison Township Trustees have finalized their lists for the county’s upcoming Chip-and-Seal and Road Reclaimer programs, scheduled for later this summer.

Trustees approved their final list of roads that will be chipped and sealed in Madison Township along with those that will be reclaimed during Wednesday’s meeting, and will now be forwarded to the county engineer’s office for final approval.

As mentioned during the Feb. 14 meeting, the roads looked to be done on the list include McCormick Run Road from Osbourne Road to the Yellow Creek Township line (measuring 0.6 miles); McCormick Run from state Route 518 to Black Road (0.7 miles); Osbourne Road from McCormick to the Washington Township line (0.6 miles); Autumn Road, White Road and West Point Road, the latter three all 0.2 miles each.

In addition, the township is also looking to reclaim Buzzard Road and Alderlick Road from Signs Road for about 0.6 miles.

With the unanimous approval, their list will be presented to the county engineer’s office to sign off and finalize the list. Once the chip-and-seal and road reclaimer lists are finalized, townships and municipalities cannot add any additional roads or distance to the list, but can remove roads if it becomes cost-prohibitive.

The list will be submitted during Madison Township’s chip-and-seal program meeting at 1:30 p.m. March 19.

In another matter, trustees approved the finalized Road Use Maintenance Agreement (RUMA) from the county engineer’s office regarding roads to be used during construction of the South Field Energy natural gas-powered electric plant in nearby Yellow Creek Township.

Roads that South Field will be working on in Madison Township and will be responsible for will be Osbourne Road and Signs Road.

The engineer’s office approved the RUMA during last week’s meeting and signed off on the RUMA, awaiting for the township to be able to sign the RUMA, which trustees did at the meeting. Their RUMA will now return to legal counsel Andy Beech and engineer’s office.

Yellow Creek Township, which is housing the new plant off of Hibbetts Mill Road, also finalized and signed their RUMA this week.

South Field will work on and be responsible for Hibbetts Mill, Fife Coal and Forbes roads, equaling to 1.75 miles of road in Yellow Creek.