Trustee suggests traffic change

LaCROFT — Nearly three years after becoming a one-way street, Liverpool Township trustees may consider returning Boring Lane back to two-way traffic.

During Monday’s meeting, Trustee Chairman Mike Bahen brought up the suggestion about switching Boring Lane from one-way back to a two-way street.

Bahen told trustees that, if in the event any chip-and-seal or other work is done by the state, some residents and employees would not be able to get to the township administration building on Pugh Road to conduct business.

“When we do chip and seal, I would like to consider putting Boring Lane back to two ways because, right now, if we run into a problem with the state working down there, for instance, and we shut down the road, we’re actually shut off up here,” he said.

Boring Lane, which previously ran both ways, has operated as a one-way street from state Route 267 (Lisbon Street) to Westfield Road (with traffic going toward Westfield) since August 2015, which was done as an attempt to avoid congestion experienced at the time at LaCroft Elementary as students were being dropped off or picked up from school.

Trustees and residents at the time expressed safety concerns, which had included speed and the narrowness of the then-two-lane road, which, for several years, had caused confusion among drivers and the potential for accidents.

Bahen advised trustees it was only a suggestion that the board can consider and, as such, no action was taken. Bahen advised residents if they have any questions or concerns about the suggestion to contact him.

In other business:

— Trustees approved the reading of the bills, coming to a total of $40,022.12. The breakdown consisted of $1,772.05 for administration salary, $9,156.17 for police payroll, $4,804.49 for road department payroll, $14,408.10 for special withholdings, and $9,881.31 in vendor warrants.

Trustees also approved four line item transfers. Those included two from the road and bridge fund, one for $400 from the machinery and equipment line into hospitalization, and $10,000 from road and bridge supplemental to meet salary expenses. Also approved were $3,000 from general supplemental to handle professional technical services, and $294.26 from permanent improvement fund to pay real estate taxes on land.

— Liverpool Township Fire Chief Dave Ward presented the monthly call report for January, which totaled 13 calls answered for the first month of the year. The breakdown consisted of four medical assists, two building fires, two service calls, one motor vehicle accident with no injuries, one gas leak, one carbon monoxide report, one public assistance and one good intent call.

Ward reported the average time from dispatch to en route was 4 minutes, 58 seconds, while the average personnel per call was 5.9 firefighters.

The next trustees meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. March 12 at the Township Administration Building on Pugh Road, LaCroft.