Street crew resorts to chip and seal for Lisbon roads

LISBON — The good news is village council’s street committee wants to resurface all of Beaver Street this year. The bad news is they are going with chip/seal instead of asphalt because of the cost.

The street committee of Jeff Snyder, Dawn Thomas and Jerry Cox met Tuesday with street foreman Jim Oliver to go over the list of streets he was recommending be resurfaced in 2018 using chip/seal, including a portion of Beaver Street. In recent years the cash-strapped village has opted to go with chip/seal because it is typically one-fifth the cost of asphalt. Council promised last year to focus on resurfacing portions of North Beaver Street in 2018 using asphalt. To prepare for this, the village spent $10,169 to correct persistent stormwater runoff problems by connecting the existing catch basin at Pine Street to a new and larger catch basin to be installed at the High Street intersection. Snyder said those efforts appear to have worked and greatly reduced the stormwater runoff.

Fiscal Officer Tracey Wonner would like to keep street resurfacing expenditures at $25,000, which is about what she said was spent last year on chip/seal. The committee then went over the list of streets and alleys Oliver had on his list but kept coming back to the need to do something about Beaver Street. The committee would prefer to resurface all of Beaver Street using asphalt, not just portions of North Beaver Street, but Cox estimated that would cost $150,000, including preparing it to be resurfaced. Wonner estimated the cost is closer to $200,000 based on last year’s figures for just doing a portion of North Beaver Street. Cox recommended instead they chip/seal all of Beaver Street, and Oliver said they could resurface it twice, which would smooth out the bumps and uneven areas.

Snyder and Thomas agreed, noting that Beaver Street is one of the main thoroughfares in town and it is in dire need of attention. Oliver was then instructed to determine for how much it would cost to chip/seal using one or two coats.

Chip/seal is done through the Columbiana County Engineer’s Office, with participating communities purchasing the material and the engineer’s office doing the work for free. The committee will then make a recommendation to the entire council.

Oliver had recommended five alleys be resurfaced this year using chip/seal, along with Thomas Road and a portion of Beaver Street.

He said the alleys could still be resurfaced this year using the Durapatcher machine. Wonner said now might be the time to discuss putting a street levy on the ballot to help cover the cost of resurfacing projects. She said this would relieve some of the burden on the village general fund.