Area jewelry store robbed

CALCUTTA – Police are investigating a burglary at the Kay’s Jewelry store in Calcutta that happened sometime before employees arrived at Sunday.

St. Clair Township Police Chief Brian McKenzie said employees immediately called police when they arrived to find a hole cut in the roof of the building and a large amount of inventory missing.

He said it appears the suspect, or suspects, entered the building through the hole, scaled down a wall inside the store and then disabled the alarm system.

“Once they had everything disabled they pretty much took a large amount of inventory,” he said. “We don’t know what yet or how much. We are still waiting to hear from the manager and district manager as far as what inventory was taken.”

The store in the Walmart plaza off Dresden Avenue was scheduled to open at noon Sunday.

McKenzie said employees left the store as soon as they saw what had happened.

The department notified the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, which was there processing the scene Sunday, he added.

McKenzie said the BCI collected some items at the scene, and the department will wait to hear the results of that investigation.

He added the department will also reach out to other agencies to see if they have had any similar cases.

“We will compare what we have and hopefully develop a pretty solid case,” he said.

Officers and the BCI were at the scene for several hours Sunday.

Police are asking anybody with any information to call the St. Clair Township Police Department at 330-386-3585.