Trustees addressed over ‘trash housing’

LaCROFT — A township resident has expressed concerns with supposed poor housing and garbage in the area, and approached Liverpool Township trustees to see what could be done.

During last week’s meeting, Homestead Avenue resident Dave Jackson addressed the trustees about the condition of the housing around his property, which he described as “trash housing,” and inquired what can be done about the situation.

In his complaint, Jackson stated he often sees various garbage blowing about the area from one particular neighboring property, which also includes chickens, which he said he usually sees during warmer weather. Jackson also provided pictures.

“I get their material in my yard constantly,” Jackson said. “The house right across from me has felt paper on it that blows off continuously. Chickens around everywhere, not so much in the weather. I don’t know who takes care of it or what can be done about it.”

Trustee Chairman Mike Bahen told Jackson that, as per policy on any sort of a nuisance complaint in the county, he would need to fill out a statement indicating the problem or action that would be considered a nuisance and include any pictures that correspond with his statement. With that information, a file will be started by the trustees or with the county health department, which can review the information and determine that it can be pursued.

“The way it is, you have to file a formal complaint on the property next door on this policy,” Bahen said. “The biggest thing is, one we get a complaint, we have to file the paperwork. We’ll have to get with the health department, get them in here and see if they can back us.”

Bahen, himself a member on the county health board, said there have been several problems, including in Dixonville, of garbage and nuisance properties, and believed that it was time the township trustees started acting on these complaints.

“Myself, I’d like to start pushing the issue because we do have some that either needs repaired, torn down, or whatever they got to do,” Bahen said. “And I think we have a board here that’s willing to push it.”

Jackson provided his contact information to trustees and received a complaint form he can complete and return to trustees, which then will review it and determine further action.