Police activity increased in 2017

LaCROFT — The Liverpool Township Police Department’s activity increased in 2017 compared to a year earlier as its final statistics for the year were revealed during last week’s trustees meeting.

During his report, Police Chief Jayson Jackson presented the year-end activity count, along with activity counts for the months of November and December.

Starting with November’s report, the department responded to a total of 156 instances for the month. The breakdown consisted of 112 calls received, 16 incidents, eight traffic citations, five accident reports, four reports of threats or harassment, three juvenile reports, two thefts, one burglary, one dead on arrival, one code, one towed vehicle, one animal and one narcotics report.

Among the six cruisers used by officers that month, a total 7,532 miles were driven by officers, using 580.3 gallons of gas at 13 miles to the gallon on average and a quart of oil.

The month of December, meanwhile, was busier as officers responded to 207 total instances, an increase from 51 the month before. December’s breakdown consisted of 118 total calls, 35 incidents, 11 alarm drops, eight towed vehicles, seven accident reports, six domestic violence cases, five traffic citations, five thefts, four threats/harassment, three arrests, two assaults, one criminal trespass, one juvenile report and one animal report.

Of five cruisers used that month, police logged a total of 5,531 miles, used 505.9 gallons of gas and used an average of 10.9 miles per gallons of gas.

With November and December totals, this brought the final count for 2017 to 3,293 calls, reports, arrests and citations.

The final breakdown for the year consisted of 2,045 total calls, 416 incidents, 342 traffic citations, 74 arrests, 72 towed vehicles, 48 accident reports, 47 domestic violence reports, 40 alarm calls, 36 thefts, 27 criminal damaging and trespassing, 24 animal reports, 22 assaults, 18 narcotics, 17 juvenile reports, 15 burglaries, four DOA’s, four suicide attempts, four sex and rape offenses and four stolen vehicles.

From the six cruisers utilized throughout year, police logged 64,425 miles, used 4,796 gallons of gas and drove an average of 13.4 miles to the gallon.

The 2017 count was an increase in activity compared to 2016, which totaled 2,785 calls, reports, arrests and citations were issued that year.

In comparison, the total number of calls increased in 2017 from 2016’s count of 1,757, but 2017’s citation count decreased compared to 2016, to which 370 citations were issued that year. Police officers also drove more miles and got more miles per gallon in 2017 than in 2016 (62,404 miles, 11.9 mpg), but used more gas in 2016 (5,229.8 gallons) than in 2017.